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Cover Story: Chef Explores the Regional Chaats  of India Through Train Journeys

Cover Story: Chef Explores the Regional Chaats of India Through Train Journeys

A CHAAT-worthy trip across India : Two celebrated chefs, Maneet Chauhan and Jody Eddy, traveled all over India by train—to explore regional chaats. On their many trips, they ate over 600 dishes. The resulting cookbook, named one of the best in 2020, is filled with insights and recipes, making it a mouthwatering ode to the country’s famous street food. Read more »

Flash Fiction: Tellers & Trainer

Flash Fiction: 800 to 1000 words: In a new column, writers tell stories—starting with one about tellers and a trainer—in no more than two pages. Read more »

Life Positive: A Heartfelt Saga of Personal Transformation

Bouncing back after triple bypass: An appraisal of a doctor’s newly relevant book about his remarkable, inspiring recovery from a health crisis. Read more »

Teen Spotlight: Teen Heroes

How high schoolers are helping: Our third article in a series that looks at how teens in the Atlanta metro area address the community’s needs. Read more »

Monsoon of Memories: The Palpable Excitement Over Power Cuts

It meant unrushed, impromptu, and guilt-free comradery with neighbors—over tea, savories, and meals. Read more »

Travel: Roopkund: A Trek to the Himalayas' Skeleton Lake

The Riddle of Roopkund: News about the mysterious Skeleton Lake prompts reflections on a three-decade-old trek in the Himalayas. Read more »

Trends: Zoomshaira: Not Just a New Name for Traditional Mushaira

Can virtual mushairas replace the traditional form, letting the audience and poets enjoy the immersive poetry experience that has been the hallmark of these conclaves? Read more »

My Turn: What Happened to the Weekend?

Working from home has its benefits, especially now. But the separation between home and office—not to mention weekday and weekend—can be lost. Here’s an ode to the weekend. Read more »

Commentary: Team India Represents a ‘New India’ That Politicians Could Look Up To

Not only was this a heady sports victory for India that will be remembered for years to come, but also a lesson for politicians on how Indian society has transcended socio-cultural barriers to success. Read more »

Democracies Can’t Be Taken for Granted

Democracy: Precious but fragile: Autocrats are on the rise, and even the world’s largest democracies can be undermined if we are not vigilant. Read more »

Letters from Readers

Letters to the Editor: Indian-Americans: Great editorial, but please drop reference to caste / Enlightening article on the Bhagavad Gita. Read more »

How Soon Might the Stimulus Arrive?

There has been a great deal of speculation about Congress putting forward an economic stimulus, covering the needs of both individuals and businesses / Good News for Obamacare Eligible Individuals. Read more »

Paycheck Protection Program Applications Open Again for Small Business Owners

On December 27, 2020, as part of a larger government funding bill, the Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Venues Act was signed into law, which in part, restarted the popular Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Read more »

Health: Fad Diets Aren’t the Solution— What’s Better?

Why Keto, Paleo, and other fad diets are not magic pills. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

H1B process announced for FY2022 / Extended flexibility for agency requests/ Old naturalization test may return. Read more »

Rajiv ‘Chimpu’ Kapoor is no more

The film fraternity bid a tearful adieu to actor-producer Rajiv Kapoor, the youngest son of Raj Kapoor, who breathed his last on February 9 following a massive heart attack. His brother Randhir Kapoor rushed him to the hospital but he was declared dead by the doctors on arrival. He was just 58. Read more »


Sean Desai has a master’s degree in higher and postsecondary education from Columbia University, and a doctorate in educational administration from Temple University. The Chicago Bears recently promoted Desai from safeties coach to defensive coordinator, making him the first Indian-American coordinator in the NFL. Read more »

Nitheyaa Shree Ramesh among 2021 Marshall Scholars

Nitheyaa Shree Ramesh is among the three Indian-American university students to be named 2021 Marshall Scholars by the British Government and Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission. As the only Marshall Scholar from Georgia, Ramesh, of Georgia State University, plans to do graduate studies at the University of Bristol. Read more »


Read our regular columns: ‘Who, What, Where, When & Why’ and ‘Book Matters’. Also: ‘Solving a Himalayan Mystery' and 'Trackling Plastic in South Asia'. Read more »

Doctor of Resilience

Dr. Sofia Khan Iqbal, an Atlanta native, is Chief of Emergency Medicine Emory Decatur and Hillandale Hospital. Nothing in all her years of medical training and practice had prepared her for the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic. She shares her experiences, and shows how we can all make a difference. Read more »

AWARENESS can end your suffering

The following is a transcription of a spoken discourse. To maintain the style and authenticity of Sadhguru’s spoken words, we have retained the original language instead of conforming it to our standard style book. Read more »






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