Khabar Festival Writing Contest!

11/1/2017 5:00 PM

Khabar Festival Writing Contest!

Khabar Festival Writing Contest!

Khabar invites young writers to send us original entries for an essay contest. We will announce the results in the December issue, and there are prizes for all the winners.
Prizes range from $35 up to $125!  
Choose a festival (South Asian, American, etc.) celebrated in the fall or winter and write about why it was memorable and meaningful to you. A South Asian cultural angle would be appropriate. Tap into your personal feelings and experiences-not Google. Originality counts, so it should be your own writing. Only Microsoft Word drafts (limit: 500 words) are accepted, and your name or address should not appear on it. Please include a title and don’t forget to recheck your essay.
Here are a few examples of topics and themes that you can write about:
• A Diwali spent in India.
• Celebrating Eid in America: the challenges and the joys. 
• How does your family bring American touches to Indian festivals-or conversely, Indian touches to American festivals? 
• Do you enjoy your family’s traditional festivals? Why or why not? 
These are examples, but you can write about anything that’s touching, inspiring, thought-provoking, unique, or fun about your experiences surrounding these festivals.

WHO: Two age groups will be judged separately. A: 5-8 years, B: 9-14 years. 

WHERE: Attach your essay and a photo of yourself (preferably portrait or “headshot”) to an email. In the body of your email, mention your name, age, mailing address, phone number, and the name of your school. Type “Group A Essay” or “Group B Essay” in the subject line of your email, and mail it to

WHEN: All entries (by email only, please) should be received by 11/1/2017. 
For ages 5-8 and 9-14.

Prizes: from $35 up to $125.

Deadline: November ​​1, 2017

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