• Desi Fun

    Desi Fun July 2010 - A blogger accused South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley of exchanging text messages with Tiger Woods.

  • The Bills Keep Shooting Up

    The Bills Keep Shooting Up July 2010 - There are many types of dads, and I’m proud to say that I’m not the type of dad who lectures his kids every time they leave the lights on in their room (or water running in the bathroom) one second longer than necessary.

  • Quota of Quotes

    Quota of Quotes July 2010 - "I have always been absolutely faithful to my husband. I don't know how clear I could be. I would say it in every language there is." – Nikki Haley

  • The Ranbir Kapoor File

    The Ranbir Kapoor File July 2010 - “I have an ambition and I am out to fulfill that. I want to do some memorable roles in films. I want to work with good actors, actresses, directors and producers.”

  • The Sunil Chhetri File

    The Sunil Chhetri File June 2010 -

  • India Never Bores

    India Never Bores June 2010 -

  • Desi Fun Online

    Desi Fun Online June 2010 -

  • Quota of Quotes

    Quota of Quotes June 2010 -

  • Did That Really Happen?

    Did That Really Happen? June 2010 -

  • The Humor of Melvin Durai

    The Humor of Melvin Durai June 2010 - Fighting for Men's Rights






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