• Desi Satire

    Desi Satire November 2007 - November 9: Farah Khan's reincarnation drama Om Shanti Om and Sanjay Leela Bhansali's love story Saawariya. Madhuri Dixit's comeback film Aaja Nachle is slated for release on November 30.

  • Jovial Matrimonial

    Jovial Matrimonial November 2007 - Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza are in hot competition with each other in India

  • Why Pizza Is Popular In India

    Why Pizza Is Popular In India November 2007 - Indian Americans Brimming With Generosity

  • Desi Fun Online

    Desi Fun Online November 2007 - Excerpts from actual matrimonial ads on the Internet

  • India's Olympic Woes

    India's Olympic Woes October 2007 - If India seems to win only one medal at every Olympic Games, it's even worse than you think, as Laurie Goering of the Chicago Tribune reported recently.

  • Desi Satire

    Desi Satire September 2007 - Starring Sharukh Khan

  • The Rajnikanth File

    The Rajnikanth File September 2007 - Remember the terrific onscreen chemistry between Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in films like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge ............

  • Desi Fun Online

    Desi Fun Online September 2007 - Chak De India.......

  • Quota of Quotes

    Quota of Quotes September 2007 - "What is the purpose of life? Why did God put us here?" These questions keep coming up, again and again .............

  • Desi Fun Online

    Desi Fun Online August 2007 - Most people don't know how to handle their life here, in this life. Then, why are they pursuing life after death? .......






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