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  • The Raghav Mathur File

    The Raghav Mathur File May 2011 - In 2004 his debut CD, Storyteller, was released, producing five hits on the British charts and selling more than a million copies. His second album, Identity, was released in India and the Middle East and rose to No. 3 on the Indian charts.

  • Quota of Quotes

    Quota of Quotes May 2011 -

  • Desi Satire

    Desi Satire May 2011 -

  • The Humor of Melvin Durai

    The Humor of Melvin Durai May 2011 -

  • The Humor of Melvin Durai

    The Humor of Melvin Durai April 2011 - I’m perfectly okay with having a bald spot, really I am. And if you don’t believe me, just ask anyone in my Bald is Beautiful support group.

  • Quota of Quotes

    Quota of Quotes April 2011 - “There are people who really don't know how to spend all the money they've got.”— Delhi wedding organizer Neeti Bhargava, on the amount of food wasted at extravagant Indian weddings.

  • Desi Satire

    Desi Satire April 2011 - While China has a one-child policy, Ziona Chana, 66-year-old Mizoram man has 94 children, according to a Reuters report.

  • The Ramesh Ponnuru File

    The Ramesh Ponnuru File April 2011 - Ramesh Ponnuru is an Indian American columnist and a senior editor for National Review magazine. He began writing for National Review a dozen years ago and is now senior editor of the conservative opinion magazine.


    KEVIN NEGANDHI FILE March 2011 - “You gotta just be yourself. If you're not yourself, the audience will figure it out.” (


    QUOTA OF QUOTES March 2011 - “People looked at us like we were aliens, like we are from another planet. But we didn’t give up.”—Gurmeet Kaur






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