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Fareed Zakaria

September 2008
Fareed Zakaria


2 TV shows he has hosted

3 Non-fiction books he has authored

11 Appearances he has made on “The Daily Show”

18 Age when he came to America

37 Age when he became a U.S. citizen

44 His current age (he was born Jan. 20, 1964)


“I still like the same kinds of people I always did—conservative Democrats, moderate Republicans, call them what you will. But we're an increasingly embattled phenomenon in a country with a president talking about intelligent design." (Village Voice)

“Americans are basically optimistic, open-minded people, but the press and politicians have this amazing ability to convince people we’re living in a dangerous world and there are people out there trying to kill us.” (Playboy)

“I would be kidding you if I said that when I go down South I feel like an American, but in New York I feel like an American." (The Australian)


He was born to a prominent family in Mumbai. His father, Rafiq Zakaria, was a politician and Islamic scholar. His mother, Fatima Zakaria, was once editor of the Sunday Times of India.

He attended the Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai, then came to America to study at Yale University. He later went to Harvard University, where he earned a PhD in Government.

After working for several years as managing editor of Foreign Affairs, a journal of international politics and economics, he was named editor of Newsweek International in October 2000, overseeing all Newsweek's editions abroad.

He gained national prominence soon after Sept. 11, when he penned a highly acclaimed cover story for Newsweek titled "The Politics of Rage: Why Do They Hate Us?"

In April 2005, Zakaria debuted as a TV host with the PBS show “Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria.” He recently moved to CNN, hosting “Fareed Zakeria GPS.”

He lives in New York City with his wife, Paula Throckmorton Zakaria, son Omar, and daughters Lila and Sofia.


His official website

His TV show’s website, with many clips

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