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The Sendhil Ramamurthy File

August 2007
The Sendhil Ramamurthy File

The Sendhil Ramamurthy File


3 Number of doctors in his immediate family.

4 Movies he has appeared in.

6 Appearances on the British TV series Ultimate Force.

22 Episodes of the hit show Heroes he has starred in.

33 His age (he was born May 17, 1974, in Chicago)

145,000 Google hits for "Sendhil Ramamurthy"

200,000 Number of times he's been asked about his accent.


"I've made a very conscious decision that I'm not going to go in on stereotypical stuff—I'm just not into it. I've turned down auditions for lots of roles like that." (Nirali)

"I can't think of a show on TV, in the UK or the US, that has someone with an Indian background as the central character. I lucked out." (The Sun, London)

"The whole heartthrob thing is news to me. I'm very flattered, actually—I've never been in this situation before." (Nirali)


His parents are both doctors and he joined Tufts University as a pre-med major, expecting to follow in their footsteps. But then Ramamurthy, whose sister is also a doctor, took an acting class to fulfill a graduation requirement and was soon auditioning for roles in plays and pursuing a new career.

He graduated from London's Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in 1999 and later, as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, starred in A Servant to Two Masters.

He is married to Polish-born actress Olga Sosnovska, with whom he has one daughter, Halina. She "gets exposed to everything—Polish culture and Indian culture," he told Nirali. "Religion-wise, as well. My wife is Catholic, and I'm Hindu, and our daughter will get to decide for herself when she's older."


His character on Heroes, Mohinder Suresh, was originally supposed to be 55 years old, but producers rewrote the role after Ramamurthy auditioned for it.

Olga initiated his wedding proposal, handing him a ring and saying, "Do you have something to say to me?"


His appearance on Regis and Kelly

His appearance on The View

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