• My Mother – The Proud American Citizen

    My Mother – The Proud American Citizen June 2010 -

  • An American Journey

    An American Journey June 2010 -

  • Fashion Forays

    Fashion Forays April 2010 - Indian designs and designers are making headways into the mainstream fashion scene. Indian-inspired fashion has made it to the White House! When President Obama threw his first state dinner, first lady Michelle Obama chose to wear a striking champagne-colored tulle gown with silver tiki embroidered flowers created by Mumbai-born designer Naeem Khan. Earlier in the day she wore a skirt created by another designer who has her roots in India, Rachel Roy.

  • The Serengeti of India

    The Serengeti of India November 2009 - Located along the flood plains on the south bank of the Brahmaputra River on a narrow stretch of land between Nepal and Bangladesh, the Kaziranga National Park today is 105 years old. It is a four-hour road trip from Guwahati, in the northeastern state of Assam. One of the last frontiers for the pre-historic one-horned rhinoceros species, the park today is a jewel in the crown of Indian wildlife, boasting a healthy population of over 2000 (75 percent of the world’s population) one-horned rhinos.

  • Matchmaker, Make Me a Match!

    Matchmaker, Make Me a Match! October 2009 - New approaches are challenging both the traditional arranged marriage as well as the so-called love marriages that result from chance encounters and dating.

  • The Potency of Places

    The Potency of Places August 2009 - On Cloud Nine In Shillong

  • Bangalore: Garden City No More

    Bangalore: Garden City No More August 2009 - A native reminisces about how the city has changed—while appreciating those aspects that remain unchanged.

  • Does Hollywood Really Get Bollywood?

    Does Hollywood Really Get Bollywood? July 2009 - Though the attraction between Bollywood and Hollywood seems less intense now, the romance hasn’t stalled—at least, so far. But can an alliance of such opposites work? Or is it all hype? Should film fans care?

  • Our Stories in Stills

    Our Stories in Stills June 2009 - A celebrated photographer’s chronicle of Indian-American life

  • If You’re Not on Facebook, Do You Exist?

    If You’re Not on Facebook, Do You Exist? May 2009 - Are you LinkedIn? Do you Twitter? Do you YouTube? A look at how Indians worldwide are at the cutting edge of the rapidly growing social networking phenomenon that is sweeping the globe.






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