• From Third World to Third in the World?

    From Third World to Third in the World? June 2008 - India’s journey from being a Third World country, known for elephants and snake charmers, to becoming an economic powerhouse with a potential future as perhaps the third largest economy in the world.

  • The Road Less Traveled

    The Road Less Traveled May 2008 - A small number of Indian Americans have opted to settle down in rural America, whether for professional reasons or in search of tranquility. SINDYA BHANOO provides glimpses of their lives.

  • Slices of India

    Slices of India April 2008 - A visitor notes how the City of Joy’s bleak conditions shattered his image of it as a colonial and cultural charmer.

  • The Call of the Kitchen

    The Call of the Kitchen March 2008 - Foodies have begun to discover and savor India’s diverse regional cuisines not just in restaurants, but also, increasingly, in the kitchens of their homes. Khabar talks to some of the experts and enthusiasts who make this possible.

  • My Filmi Love Affair

    My Filmi Love Affair February 2008 - An American's ode to the world of Indian cinema

  • Walking in the Hills

    Walking in the Hills January 2008 - I like walking alone, but a good companion is well worth finding.

  • Gen X vs. Gen Y: The ABC’s of the ABCD Experience

    Gen X vs. Gen Y: The ABC’s of the ABCD Experience December 2007 - Labels like ABCD, FOB and even NRI are becoming passé, especially among Gen X and Gen Y desis. These Indian Americans seem to understand that they should embody the most inclusive and multicultural American ideals.

  • O (Desi) Canada

    O (Desi) Canada November 2007 - Indian Canadians, who form the second-largest minority population in Canada, are in a sense the mirror image of Indian Americans .............

  • Season of Splendor Remembered

    Season of Splendor Remembered October 2007 - From North to South and from East to West of India, Diwali is celebrated in a myriad of different ways...........

  • Independent India at 60—Part II-A Historian on Modern India

    Independent India at 60—Part II-A Historian on Modern India September 2007 - Acclaimed historian Ramachandra Guha, in a wide-ranging interview with Khabar, talks about India's eventful journey since independence.........






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