• Envoys of Indian Cuisine

    Envoys of Indian Cuisine November 2005 - Some of the well-known Indian chefs in the U.S. dish out their styles, philosophies and creations. The result is a...

  • The Evolution of Khabar

    The Evolution of Khabar October 2005 - "How old do you think Khabar is?" When we ask this question, we generally get answers like "three years," "five years" ...

  • The Blues and Blessings of Being Biracial

    The Blues and Blessings of Being Biracial September 2005 - Even in melting pot America, South Asian and Western cultures are worlds apart. What happens when you...

  • Scoring a Home Run Yet?

    Scoring a Home Run Yet? August 2005 - It is Monday night and Hank Williams, Jr. is blaring away on prime time TV, "Are you ready for some cricket? It's a Monday...

  • Keeping Immigrant Languages Alive

    Keeping Immigrant Languages Alive July 2005 - Despite being one of the most diverse nations in the world, the U.S. today remains largely monolingual. The 2000...

  • English, the Hinglish Way

    English, the Hinglish Way July 2005 - Predictably though, influenced by the regional vernacular, the English spoken in India is a breed of its own. Often referred...

  • Mango Pie

    Mango Pie June 2005 - It was my daughter's first day at school. I found myself smiling as I made Bonnie's peanut butter and jelly...

  • Baffled in Bangalore

    Baffled in Bangalore June 2005 - As a speaker of English, I was excited to come to a foreign country that spoke the language. However, after being in...

  • Bollystan ? The Global India

    Bollystan ? The Global India May 2005 - Countries that can leverage globalization ? rather than being circumvented by it ? can rapidly advance their growth...

  • Varsity Days

    Varsity Days April 2005 - Most people perceive college life as synonymous with partying, thanks to recent cult comedies like American Pie...



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