• H-1 and H-4 Blues! and The Plight of DALCA Children

    H-1 and H-4 Blues! and The Plight of DALCA Children July 2018 - The lives of tens of thousands of Indian immigrants will be uprooted and destroyed if the Trump administration moves ahead with its hardline proposals regarding these legally arrived immigrants.

  • Confluence of Cultures

    Confluence of Cultures June 2018 - In dance, music, and cuisine, vibrant artistes and chefs are showcasing the best of two worlds—their North American upbringing and their Indian heritage—and redefining Indian-American culture.

  • Destiny’s Daughter

    Destiny’s Daughter May 2018 - Nextflix documentary "Daughters of Destiny" introduces us to Shilpa Raj, a Dalit who attended an Indian-American's Shanti Bhavan school and wrote her memoir, "The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter."

  • From 1 to 100,000: The Pioneers, Pillars, and Milestones of the Atlanta Indian Community

    From 1 to 100,000: The Pioneers, Pillars, and Milestones of the Atlanta Indian Community April 2018 - Our history from 1960s solitude and adventures where remnants of segregation still existed, to today’s oversaturated Indianization of our American lives--with interviews of some of our pioneers.

  • The Audacity of a Joke

    The Audacity of a Joke March 2018 - Expressing dissent—or challenging prejudice—is tricky for minorities. Comedians Hasan Minhaj, Kumail Nanjiani, Hari Kondabolu, and Maria Qamar are grabbing people's attention.

  • Chocolate Sutra

    Chocolate Sutra February 2018 - Saffron, cardamom, even chilies and chai…in chocolates! From Michelin-starred chefs to path-breaking entrepreneurs, Indian-Americans are in the world of gourmet, artisan chocolates.

  • Attitude over Altitude

    Attitude over Altitude January 2018 - STONE MOUNTAIN TO MOUNT EVEREST! When her dad proposes a trek to the base of Mt. Everest, this unathletic teen is horrified—but her decision to take on the challenge is life-changing.

  • The Great Indian Train Journey

    The Great Indian Train Journey December 2017 - Book your ticket, hop on, and make sure you get a window seat! Here’s a warm, nostalgic look at the richly textured experience of train travel in India.

  • Music Maestros

    Music Maestros November 2017 - Exclusive interviews with A. R. Rahman (internationally renowned composer, two Oscars) and K. J. Yesudas (Padma Vibhushan, multilingual singer, master of classical and popular genres).

  • Pursuing Passions

    Pursuing Passions October 2017 - Playing instruments, battling abuse, making art, shaping music, creating drama, saving animals…not typical professions. Here are six desis making their livings while living their dreams.






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