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  • Inside Outsourcing

    Inside Outsourcing May 2004 - On my most recent visit to my hometown of Hyderabad, India, I found a world very different from the tranquil one in which...

  • OM PURI:: Working In Hollywood

    OM PURI:: Working In Hollywood April 2004 - "I was treated like a professional and an equal..."

  • When Bolly Meets Holly?

    When Bolly Meets Holly? April 2004 - It's the lure of the irresistible. Western élan drawn to the earthy seductiveness of the Indian sub-continent. For every Indian living outside India, there's a tiny Bollywood zone...

  • The Lost Temples of India

    The Lost Temples of India April 2004 - A stray television program stirred up a hornet's nest. Watching The Lost Temples of India on Learning Channel was enough impetus to include a tour...

  • Malls “R” Us - Eye on India...

    Malls “R” Us - Eye on India... April 2004 - The swanky new internationalized malls that dot the metro landscape in India have brought about more than just scenic change.

  • Anupam Kher:: Vastly Versatile

    Anupam Kher:: Vastly Versatile April 2004 - He is a rare gem of Indian cinema and theater ? one who is equally at home with silly slapstick as well with somber roles such as his masterful debut performance...

  • The RemiX Generation

    The RemiX Generation April 2004 - Rath Yatras and rap. Bollywood and Beverly Hills. Pani puris and pizza. Generation X in India today is a peculiar mix of the east and the west.

  • The Unhealthy Tide Against Outsourcing

    The Unhealthy Tide Against Outsourcing March 2004 - While India will only be marginally affected by the recent US Bill against government contracts sub-contracted to India, pundits of both nations see this as bad news... By Siddharth Srivastava

  • Growing Up Indian in America

    Growing Up Indian in America March 2004 - A look at the various challenges, triumphs, and facets of the bicultural childhood of Indian-American progeny. By DEEPA AGARWAL


    A REMARKABLE WOMAN March 2004 - Four decades ago, an Indian immigrant faced his share of discrimination occasionally. But people like Mrs. Weeks reinforced a person's belief in mankind, humanity, love and sharing with her sheer kindness, generosity and apnapan. By MUKUL BA






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