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  • The Mountain Railways of India

    The Mountain Railways of India December 2003 - Diwali, popularly known as the ‘Festival of Lights', was celebrated with great enthusiasm at the BAPS (Bochasanwasi Shree Akshar Purshottam Swaminarayan Sanstha) Temple, Clarkston, in the last week of October.

  • Play House

    Play House December 2003 - The Matrix trilogy of films has been a blockbuster not only for its stunning special effects, but also for its rich and deep philosophical and spiritual underpinnings... By SIDDHARTH SRIVASTAVA

  • Enslaved in America

    Enslaved in America December 2003 - A place of magic? By SHAMILA JANAKIRAMAN

  • The Maya Of Matrix

    The Maya Of Matrix December 2003 - Indian mothers have a hard time letting go of their American-born daughters. ?even when they realize that we often have to go out there and fail in order to learn for ourselves what we might have done wrong. By Sana Jilani

  • Of Innocence and Promise

    Of Innocence and Promise November 2003 - A chance encounter on a Himalayan trek provides glimpses of the promise of childhood. By Vijay Vemulapalli

  • Nine Yards of Eternity

    Nine Yards of Eternity November 2003 - Unlike the Japanese kimono, the Indian Sari appears immortal. By SWATI BAJPAI

  • An Arranged Love Marriage

    An Arranged Love Marriage November 2003 - A chance encounter followed by long-distance courting, results in an ‘arranged-love' marriage. Asha (Pillai) Menon's experience is inspiring for those who are uncomfortable with either mode.

  • The Marriage Mirage

    The Marriage Mirage November 2003 - A look at why matrimony is becoming elusive, distant and even optional for many Indian Americans.

  • To Be or Not to Be? Married

    To Be or Not to Be? Married November 2003 - We often complain that the young generation is given to instant gratification; yet, when it comes to something as substantial as marriage, we also complain when our adult children would rather choose delayed gratification!

  • A Political Discovery of India

    A Political Discovery of India November 2003 - It is not everyday that young Indian Americans get a one-on-one audience with the former Prime Minister and the former President of India.






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