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  • “The only truth in my life is the indestructibility of the urge to write”

    “The only truth in my life is the indestructibility of the urge to write” October 2003 - From his student days in Engineering and Business Management through his Marketing professorship at Oxford University, KUNAL BASU agonized that he was drifting inexorably along the currents of his wrong choices...

  • A Diwali Message

    A Diwali Message October 2003 - How can we communicate the real message of Diwali to our children? even as its outward practices continue to fade?

  • Food, Fun & Firecrackers

    Food, Fun & Firecrackers October 2003 - What does Diwali mean to children?

  • The Changing Face of Diwali

    The Changing Face of Diwali October 2003 - A look at how the festival has changed over the years in India, and how Indians abroad still keep it alive

  • Festival of Food

    Festival of Food October 2003 - Behind the official definition of Diwali as a ‘Festival of Lights' lies what it practically is ? a festival of food.

  • Young, Desi, and Fashionable

    Young, Desi, and Fashionable September 2003 - Second generation desis have forged their own unique fashion identity By AJANTA PATEL

  • Random Notes on a Hyphenated Identity

    Random Notes on a Hyphenated Identity September 2003 - "Identity isn't given once and for all: it is built up and changes throughout a person's lifetime." - Amin Maalouf By MURALI KAMMA

  • Doctors Who Write

    Doctors Who Write September 2003 - The Firm, The Pelican Brief and The Client are just some of the thrillers that were not only best selling novels, but also blockbuster films that raked in huge profits. By Murali Kamma

  • Filthy Rich

    Filthy Rich September 2003 - The wealth of India's neo rich is surpassed only by their desire to flaunt it By SAIKAT CHAKRABORTY

  • An Atlantan’s Indian Odyssey

    An Atlantan’s Indian Odyssey September 2003 - IVY MOULTRIE of Atlanta discovers that it's the people who make India truly memorable! A touching account of her encounters and experiences during a journey that took her to several cities across India.






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