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  • Master Story Teller Tells His Story

    Master Story Teller Tells His Story February 2003 - It?s hard to think of a filmmaker from India who has had as large an impact on world cinema as has Ismail Merchant. Here?s a look at the man and his work.

  • “I wanted to find that I still had the ability to laugh”

    “I wanted to find that I still had the ability to laugh” January 2003 - In a brilliant speech that many have hailed as textbook material for Indian schools, Murthy draws from Western values to address the deficiencies of the prevailing Indian mentality.

  • 'India Needs a New Value System'

    'India Needs a New Value System' January 2003 - A look at how the clichéd American dream eludes many South Asian immigrants. By MEBU BARDAY

  • American Mirage

    American Mirage January 2003 - The critically acclaimed Penn Masala, a cappella group that blends popular Hindi songs with American rhythms, will perform for the benefit of Raksha.

  • 'We need new types of spiritual disciplines'

    'We need new types of spiritual disciplines' December 2002 - Dada J. P. Vaswani, a non-denominational spiritual luminary talks about modern problems from raising children in a dual culture, to maitaining grace amidst terrorism and nuclear conflicts

  • The Storm has Passed

    The Storm has Passed December 2002 - In a startlingly candid interview, Neetu Singh, bollywood?s darling of yester-years spills her guts about being objectified by her mom, and mistreated by hubby Rishi Kapoor. By NINA ARORA

  • A Trip Down Memory Lane

    A Trip Down Memory Lane December 2002 - A chronicle of the community?s roots and growth in Georgia By MATHEW T. MATHEWS & PARTHIV N. PAREKH

  • Grandma?s Glory

    Grandma?s Glory October 2002 - An apprehensive grandmother discovers that she actually has lots to be proud of ? the new generation of Indian Americans is more strongly rooted in Indian culture and traditions than she could ever have imagined.

  • From Political Apathy to Activism

    From Political Apathy to Activism October 2002 - The Indian American community has ranked at the top of the US Census Bureau?s statistics on vital areas such as household income and education. In contrast, when it comes to American politics, this successful community has remained disenfranchised.


    AN ARMCHAIR TRAVELER?S INDIA October 2002 - From tigers and rivers, to theology and trains, no matter what facet of the Indian subcontinent catches your fancy ? rest assured there is a book by accomplished international authors on it.






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