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  • Music Maestros

    Music Maestros November 2017 - Exclusive interviews with A. R. Rahman (internationally renowned composer, two Oscars) and K. J. Yesudas (Padma Vibhushan, multilingual singer, master of classical and popular genres).

  • Pursuing Passions

    Pursuing Passions October 2017 - Playing instruments, battling abuse, making art, shaping music, creating drama, saving animals…not typical professions. Here are six desis making their livings while living their dreams.

  • Murders, They Write

    Murders, They Write September 2017 - For crime fiction fans with fond memories of Agatha Christie’s novels or Angela Lansbury’s sleuthing skills on "Murder, She Wrote," here are today's mostly women authors of Indian origin.

  • Africans in India: From Slaves to Sultans

    Africans in India: From Slaves to Sultans August 2017 - Here's the story, unparalleled in the rest of the world, of Africans in India rising from slavery to attaining the pinnacle of military and political authority on another continent.

  • Aussie- Indians: They’re All Over Down Under!

    Aussie- Indians: They’re All Over Down Under! July 2017 - They have a lot in common with Indian-Americans, and yet these two diaspora communities are also dissimilar in size, scope, and particularly the impact they have on their respective mainstream cultures.

  • Golden Songbirds of Indian Cinema

    Golden Songbirds of Indian Cinema June 2017 - Indian film music—especially of the late 20th century—was a genre like no other. Its legends were influenced by classical Indian music, and it evoked the navarasas in an emotional roller coaster.

  • Life between Pizzas and Pakoras

    Life between Pizzas and Pakoras May 2017 - Indian-American teens shed light on the tricky, sometimes painful aspects of constantly slipping in and out of two vastly different cultures—and learning to celebrate both.

  • War on Immigrants

    War on Immigrants April 2017 - President Trump sees immigrants as job stealers and criminals--hence his sweeping executive orders, deportations, “Muslim Ban,” attack on visas, border walls...and we have a war on immigration.

  • The Trump and Modi Show

    The Trump and Modi Show March 2017 - BILATERAL RELATIONS BETWEEN TWO OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST DEMOCRACIES: A lucid overview of the Indo-American relationship. What’s in store for it in the face of Trump’s “America First” reorientation?

  • Ciao! Meet the Indian-Italians

    Ciao! Meet the Indian-Italians February 2017 - INDIAN-ITALIANS: A dominant force in the cheese industry, Punjabi farmers also cultivate the Italian countryside. Indians now enjoy living in Italy's beautiful land and family-oriented culture.






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