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  • Make Music, Not War

    Make Music, Not War December 2016 - In a world torn apart by violence, distrust, and prejudice, music is indeed the food of love. An American music teacher took 20 Pakistani students on a concert trip from Karachi to Mumbai.

  • Fashion Czars

    Fashion Czars November 2016 - DESI DESIGNERS MAKE A SPLASH: Rachel Roy, Waris Ahluwalia, Naeem Khan, and Pia Fleming are some who have managed to storm the citadels of high-end U.S. fashion, despite competition and cliques.

  • Presidential Election 2016

    Presidential Election 2016 October 2016 - THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: “Trump’s a whacko, Clinton’s a liar,” seems to be the word on the street. Editor-in-chief Parthiv N. Parekh and Republican activist Narender Reddy present their views.

  • Tech Trailblazers: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

    Tech Trailblazers: Breaking the Glass Ceiling September 2016 - The male-dominated tech world is showing signs of opening up, largely due to the efforts of women themselves. Here’s are some trailblazers at the forefront of the geek glass ceiling.

  • The Changing Storyline of Indian Cinema

    The Changing Storyline of Indian Cinema August 2016 - Something has been happening in Indian cinema recently. Indian films are going digital, international, and short, but most importantly there is a new and refreshing variety of themes.

  • A Foodie’s Indian Journey

    A Foodie’s Indian Journey July 2016 - EATING MY WAY THROUGH DELHI: On a recent stay in India, the author rekindled memories of childhood with staples she grew up on. Add the new offerings of modern Delhi, and it's gastronomic heaven.

  • A Queer Dilemma

    A Queer Dilemma June 2016 - LGBTQ SOUTH ASIANS have remained on the sidelines of communities for far too long. They have endured the double whammy of being outcasts by sexual orientation and as brown immigrants.

  • Destination Happiness: Bhutan

    Destination Happiness: Bhutan May 2016 - The tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan combines an ancient culture and pristine natural beauty with a pragmatic approach to modern living. Has Bhutan found the elusive recipe for happiness?

  • Who's Your Choice?

    Who's Your Choice? April 2016 - The thought of Donald Trump as president horrifies many people, even in the GOP. Yet, he is far from friendless among Indian-Americans, though they continue to favor Democrats in an unusual, unsettling election.

  • The Penwalas: South Asian Storytellers in Atlanta

    The Penwalas: South Asian Storytellers in Atlanta March 2016 - PENNING STORIES, PUBLISHING BOOKS: Khabar spoke to local writers Anjali Enjeti, Ajay Vishwanathan, Anju Gattani, Kamla Dutt, Reetika Khanna Nijhawan, Soniah Kamal, Tinaz Pavri, and Waqas Khwaja.






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