• “The business of our relationship has to be business”

    “The business of our relationship has to be business” February 2015 - AMBASSADOR JAISHANKAR (now India's foreign secretary) talks to Khabar about assuming office in the US, steering relations onto a healthier track, and changing the US perception of India.

  • Foot Soldiers in the War on Ebola

    Foot Soldiers in the War on Ebola January 2015 - INDIAN-AMERICANS IN THE FIGHT AGAINST EBOLA: As this viral epidemic spreads across West Africa creating ripples of fear around the world, Khabar speaks to several local health professionals.

  • Law & Ardor

    Law & Ardor December 2014 - THE “SHERIFF OF WALL STREET”: U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's high-profile cases (Rajaratnam, Gupta, D’Souza, Martoma, just to mention South Asians) and controversies (Devyani Khobragade).

  • Beyond Modi-son Square Garden

    Beyond Modi-son Square Garden November 2014 - BEYOND MODI-SON SQUARE GARDEN: an eyewitness account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic appearance and speech at New York City’s iconic arena, with background and reactions.

  • The Do-Gooders’ Billion Dollar Club

    The Do-Gooders’ Billion Dollar Club October 2014 - Charitable galas are increasingly glamorous, capitalizing on the affluence of the Indian-American community as a means to give back to underprivileged communities in India and the USA.


    WHAT’S AILING MEDICINE? September 2014 - Sandeep Jauhar is a reluctant physician...in some ways. He loves medicine but hates that we have dissatisfied patients, unhappy doctors, and a dysfunctional health care system.

  • Sex and the Nation: An ‘outside’ view of India’s changing sexual mores

    Sex and the Nation: An ‘outside’ view of India’s changing sexual mores August 2014 - FROM THE KAMA SUTRA TO CONTEMPORARY SEXUALITY IN INDIA: British journalist Sally Howard, in The Kama Sutra Diaries, looks at the sexual revolution sweeping urban India.

  • History’s Hideouts

    History’s Hideouts July 2014 - Caves can be dark, mysterious, even frightening--but surely, also thrilling. History meets myth and legend here. To step in is to step back in time and rediscover India.

  • The Great Indian Heart Paradox

    The Great Indian Heart Paradox June 2014 - WHY ARE IMMIGRANT INDIANS HIGHLY PRONE TO HEART DISEASE? This explanation of an overdriven carb/insulin metabolism, plus stress of social dislocation, is eye-opening.

  • A Perfect Pitch

    A Perfect Pitch May 2014 - In 2008 Rinku Singh and Dinesh Kumar Patel had never heard of baseball. Within less than a year they were pitchers for the Pittsburgh Pirates; then their story became a movie.






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