• Celebrated Storytellers

    Celebrated Storytellers May 2013 - Interviews with Salman Rushdie and Deepa Mehta: Midnight’s Children, South Asian writing, Rushdie's memoir of the fatwa years, India’s rising intolerance, filmmaking, women, and identity.


    MONEY MAN April 2013 - Ali Velshi is CNN International’s World Business Day co-host on weekdays, and the anchor of Your Money on weekends. In an interview with Khabar, Velshi shares his insights on money issues.

  • Hotshot Hoteliers

    Hotshot Hoteliers March 2013 - MOM-AND-POP MOTELS TO MARRIOTTS: Building on the foundations that their parents laid, a new generation is transforming the role of Indian-Americans in the hospitality industry.

  • Our History, Our Stories

    Our History, Our Stories February 2013 - Who's in charge of chronicling our history in America, mainly from the late 1800s? Will the stories of the first-generation pioneers be buried with them? Here are initiatives—and you can participate!

  • Jews of Two Worlds: Indians in Israel

    Jews of Two Worlds: Indians in Israel January 2013 - India is one of the rare countries in the world where Jews have never experienced anti-Semitism. Indian Jews now in their “fatherland” of Israel share memories of their rich history in India.

  • The West & the Rest: Pankaj Mishra on the Asian Response to Western Dominance

    The West & the Rest: Pankaj Mishra on the Asian Response to Western Dominance December 2012 - Pankaj Mishra spoke to Khabar about imperialism; Tagore's role, seeing dangers in modernization; the Arab Spring, Western interference; India's crony capitalism; and the unsustainability of consumerism for all.

  • Diwali Daze and Its Changing Ways

    Diwali Daze and Its Changing Ways November 2012 - The celebration of this festival of lights has seen big changes in just a generation, but what hasn’t changed is the love and warmth it still exudes. Here are past traditions and today’s trends.

  • Presidential Election 2012

    Presidential Election 2012 October 2012 - Forum: Presidential Election 2012. Sadanand Dhume, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, offers an endorsement for Mitt Romney—in counter to an editorial favoring Barack Obama.

  • Persian Gulf: a tale of an Indian-American, a Sri Lankan, and an Indian

    Persian Gulf: a tale of an Indian-American, a Sri Lankan, and an Indian September 2012 - A look at the life of South Asians in the Middle East—from the perspective of a Hindu Indian-American from the Bible Belt of the United States studying at a Jesuit university in an Islamic country: a tale of at least three Indians--the laborer, the privileged, and the student.

  • All That Desi Jazz

    All That Desi Jazz August 2012 - Indian-Americans and other South Asian Americans--in jazz? Yes, jazz. Their musical journeys reflect the immigrant experience, a quest to marry the richness of the native and adopted cultures.






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