• Diwali Daze and Its Changing Ways

    Diwali Daze and Its Changing Ways November 2012 - The celebration of this festival of lights has seen big changes in just a generation, but what hasn’t changed is the love and warmth it still exudes. Here are past traditions and today’s trends.

  • Presidential Election 2012

    Presidential Election 2012 October 2012 - Forum: Presidential Election 2012. Sadanand Dhume, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, offers an endorsement for Mitt Romney—in counter to an editorial favoring Barack Obama.

  • Persian Gulf: a tale of an Indian-American, a Sri Lankan, and an Indian

    Persian Gulf: a tale of an Indian-American, a Sri Lankan, and an Indian September 2012 - A look at the life of South Asians in the Middle East—from the perspective of a Hindu Indian-American from the Bible Belt of the United States studying at a Jesuit university in an Islamic country: a tale of at least three Indians--the laborer, the privileged, and the student.

  • All That Desi Jazz

    All That Desi Jazz August 2012 - Indian-Americans and other South Asian Americans--in jazz? Yes, jazz. Their musical journeys reflect the immigrant experience, a quest to marry the richness of the native and adopted cultures.

  • A Mystic’s Insights on Contemporary Issues

    A Mystic’s Insights on Contemporary Issues July 2012 - INSIGHTS ON THE ISSUES OF OUR TIMES: He has been cited amongst the 50 most powerful Indians by India Today magazine. He plays a mean game of golf, flies helicopters, rides motorbikes, and drives fast cars. But yogi, mystic, and humanitarian Sadhguru Vasudev, who has touched more than seven million people across six continents over 30 years through his spiritual programs and discourses, is at his best when sharing his timeless wisdom—as he does here in an interview with Khabar.

  • People in Peril: Indians in South Africa

    People in Peril: Indians in South Africa June 2012 - Many Indians, who can afford to, are fleeing South Africa. Apartheid is gone, but the affirmative action system there now benefits blacks at the expense of other groups.

  • Off the Beaten Path: Chamba: A city of temples and peace

    Off the Beaten Path: Chamba: A city of temples and peace May 2012 - Up north in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, where the air is cool and wet, and mornings are miraculous with cloud-topped mountains, sits a town where tribal communities join Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Sikh populations in the same parade.

  • Weapons of Comic Construction

    Weapons of Comic Construction April 2012 - Three men went on a mission to India this past January, to spread the message of peace and harmony through comedy. Stand-up comedians Rajiv Satyal, Hari Kondabolu, and Azhar Usman stopped at seven cities around India as a part of a tour titled Make Chai Not War, promoted by the U.S. Department of State. Conceived in 2007, Make Chai Not War was the brainchild of Satyal and Usman, who are Hindu and Muslim, respectively. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Satyal said, “Make Chai Not War is a call-back to the hippie motto of ‘Make Love, Not War’. Chai is a tea that both Hindus and Muslims drink. So if we can enjoy the same thing, be it a hot drink or a laugh, surely we can bridge any other issues we may have. That is the theme of the show—bringing Hindus and Muslims (and inherently all other religions) together through humor.”

  • Restless, Not Rootless: Pico Iyer Talks to Khabar

    Restless, Not Rootless: Pico Iyer Talks to Khabar March 2012 - Pico Iyer is a traveler, writer, seeker, a ‘global soul.’ In an interview, he talks about being an outsider, authors Graham Greene and R. K. Narayan, the Dalai Lama, living in Japan, his Indian roots, travel writing, the Internet, and the joys of a quiet life. Several times a year, Iyer retreats to a Benedictine hermitage in California for brief stints of simple living, silence and serious reading. And for the rest of the time, when not taking off to distant corners of the globe, he lives in rural Japan with his wife in a two-room apartment or in Santa Monica, where his mother resides. Iyer is not a fan of social media and he doesn’t own a cellphone. But Iyer has certainly joined the pantheon of distinguished contemporary travel writers.

  • Raising a Confident Youngster

    Raising a Confident Youngster February 2012 - The pressures and pleasures of growing up tend to be similar across cultures—but for Indian-American youngsters, often there’s the added stress of being different from their mainstream peers. Why, despite such challenges, do so many from the second and third generations do so well? Khabar spoke to five achievers, each of whom gave clues on what helped them. One set of parents also gave their outline of eight tips that worked for them in their parenting.






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