• How Indians View America, China, Pakistan

    How Indians View America, China, Pakistan August 2013 - Indians like the U.S. most among 22 countries, going by the India Poll 2013, which also looked at threats, influence, strength of relationships, and domestic policies and priorities.


    NOTABLE AND QUOTABLE August 2013 - Audio pioneer Bose / India’s remittances from NRIs / Sri Srinivasan, on US’s second most important court / cremation for Americans / Amol Rajan, head of national newspaper in U.K.

  • Making Soldiers M-Fit

    Making Soldiers M-Fit May 2013 - Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training assists U.S. soldiers preparing for combat. Like meditation and yoga, it reduces stress, increases awareness, boosts performance, and reduces suicide rates.

  • Indian-American Guggenheim Fellows

    Indian-American Guggenheim Fellows May 2013 - Novelist Kiran Desai, academician Indira Viswanathan Peterson, filmmaker Sonali Gulati, and neuroscientist Charan Ranganath are among the 175 recipients of the 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship.

  • Girls who Root for STEM

    Girls who Root for STEM May 2013 - American universities will produce enough graduates for only 29 percent of the computer science jobs in 2020. Reshma Saujani of Girls who Code encourages girls to enter the field.

  • Ramayana Goes Digital

    Ramayana Goes Digital May 2013 - In May, the lavishly illustrated 17th century Mewar manuscript of the Ramayana becomes available online. The British Library worked with Mumbai’s CSMVS Museum and the Jamsetji Tata Trust.

  • Book Matters

    Book Matters May 2013 - New books: The Pity of Partition [Saadat Hasan Manto] (Ayesha Jalal) / The Hope Factory (Lavanya Sankaran) / Tiger in My Soup (Kashmira Sheth) / The Magic of Saida (M. G. Vassanji).

  • Largest, Shortest, Longest, Strongest

    Largest, Shortest, Longest, Strongest April 2013 - Lucknow has a Montessori school with 39,437 students. Elijah Woods' double in Lord of the Rings was the shortest stuntman. Those are just two of the many Indian world records!

  • Live from Patna, Scotland

    Live from Patna, Scotland April 2013 - Cities around the world are named after places in India; most have no connection to India--but in Patna, Scotland, children learn Indian dance and hope to visit the birthplace of their town’s founder.

  • American Views, Indian Views

    American Views, Indian Views April 2013 - A Gallup World Affairs survey provides a glimpse of how Americans view others, including India and Indians. And a Pew Research Center survey last year shows how India views Americans.






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