THE 2012 ELECTION October 2012 - Which presidential candidate will Indian-Americans favor? And how many Indian-Americans are running for office? The number of Indian-Americans themselves is on the rise, so we may have more and more involvement.

  • A Doctor goes to White Mars

    A Doctor goes to White Mars October 2012 - Alexander Kumar is the only medical doctor at a research station in Antarctica, where the climate is so harsh that it feels like another planet. His team's research will help future astronauts.

  • Bollywood to Bollynatyam

    Bollywood to Bollynatyam October 2012 - Bollywood-style dance is not only popular in India and America, but all over Europe. Ethnic Russians and other Europeans have their own dance groups, festival, book, and Bollywood dance map project!

  • Immigrants Play Big Role in Patent Generation

    Immigrants Play Big Role in Patent Generation October 2012 - Gurtej Sandhu holds 952 patents?! Indians play a big role as inventors, but more than half foreign researchers face U.S. visa challenges. Universities want more green cards for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

  • Book Matters

    Book Matters October 2012 - Five books: fiction, travel to sacred sites, children's stories, and the place of manufacturing in the U.S. economy (by Anita Nair, Diana Eck, Marcia Williams, Kosa Ely, and Ro Khanna).

  • Gurdwaras Complete 100 Years

    Gurdwaras Complete 100 Years September 2012 - The gurdwara in Stockton, Calif., is America’s first permanent Indian religious building. During the struggle for India’s independence, it attracted notable visitors like Sarojini Naidu.

  • Why Curry Can Cure

    Why Curry Can Cure September 2012 - Ah, proof: Researchers at the Linus Pauling Institute in Oregon found that curcumin, a compound extracted from turmeric, could boost one’s immune system; it's especially good for gastrointestinal infections.

  • Top Awards for Scientist and Activist

    Top Awards for Scientist and Activist September 2012 - Ashoke Sen has won $3 million for his work in physics. Activist Kulandei Francis has received the Ramon Magsaysay Award; his program helps with education, health, and farming.

  • Mindy Kaling Calling

    Mindy Kaling Calling September 2012 - Ang Lee’s film, Life of Pi, (with an Indian boy as lead) opens the New York Film Festival in September. On TV, The Mindy Project will feature The Office's Mindy Kaling.


    BOOK MATTERS September 2012 - Uncle Swami: South Asians in America Today has essays on hate crimes, terrorism, profiling, class divisions, patriotism, and activism. Also a novel of Afghanistan, two children's books, and a cookbook.






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