• Top Awards for Scientist and Activist

    Top Awards for Scientist and Activist September 2012 - Ashoke Sen has won $3 million for his work in physics. Activist Kulandei Francis has received the Ramon Magsaysay Award; his program helps with education, health, and farming.

  • Mindy Kaling Calling

    Mindy Kaling Calling September 2012 - Ang Lee’s film, Life of Pi, (with an Indian boy as lead) opens the New York Film Festival in September. On TV, The Mindy Project will feature The Office's Mindy Kaling.


    BOOK MATTERS September 2012 - Uncle Swami: South Asians in America Today has essays on hate crimes, terrorism, profiling, class divisions, patriotism, and activism. Also a novel of Afghanistan, two children's books, and a cookbook.

  • Where Anglo-India Lives On

    Where Anglo-India Lives On August 2012 - Have a hankering for Railway mutton curry, Aloo chop, Bengal Lancers shrimp curry, or even Hurry-Burry chicken curry? In pockets of India, Anglo-Indian cuisine retains a hold long after the passing of the British Raj.

  • CEOs who are Child Executive Officers

    CEOs who are Child Executive Officers August 2012 - When U.K.-based Harli Jordean, dubbed the Marble King because of his obsession with marbles, became a CEO this year, he was just shy of his 9th birthday.

  • Attitudes on Religion

    Attitudes on Religion August 2012 - Following the Pew survey of Asian Americans (the “Rise of Asian Americans” study), another Pew survey (“Asian Americans: A Mosaic of Faiths”) considers religion. Will it also generate debate?

  • Indians as Immigrant Business Owners

    Indians as Immigrant Business Owners August 2012 - Only Mexican-Americans form a greater share of immigrant business owners than Indian-Americans, as per a new report put out by the Fiscal Policy Institute.

  • Book Matters

    Book Matters August 2012 - Anuradha Roy’s The Folded Earth (Free Press), Akash Kapoor’s India Becoming (Riverhead Books), Thrity Umrigar's The World We Found (Harper Perennial), and Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers (Random House).

  • Family is first for Indian-Americans

    Family is first for Indian-Americans July 2012 - Family is first for Indian-Americans. A Pew Research Center survey of Asian Americans looks at marriage, parenting, values, and whether immigrants strengthen the U.S.

  • New exhibit showcases Punjabi pioneers

    New exhibit showcases Punjabi pioneers July 2012 - An exhibit on the legacy of Punjabi and other immigrant pioneers was unveiled in Yuba City, California (known for its annual Sikh parade). And "Homespun" will be a Smithsonian exhibit on migrants from India.






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