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  • Globetrotting Indians

    Globetrotting Indians April 2003 - Bobby Jindal is the first Indian American to run for a state governor office.

  • American Autocracy

    American Autocracy March 2003 - Even as we attempt to act as messiahs around the globe in pushing for democracies, our own approach towards the world, as regards to Iraq, has been singularly autocratic.

  • The Globalization of Indian Cinema

    The Globalization of Indian Cinema February 2003 - Legendary filmmaker Ismail Merchant shares insights on his dogmatic persistence, his faith and on filmmaking in an exclusive interview with Khabar.

  • The Curse of the Majority

    The Curse of the Majority January 2003 - So says filmmaker Deepa Mehta about her transition from the controversial, somber, and aborted film Water, to her latest flick Bollywood/Hollywood, a light hearted comic take on the Indian Canadian community.

  • Of Tandoori Chicken and Apple Pies

    Of Tandoori Chicken and Apple Pies July 2002 - For the Indian American observers and pundits who are more often than not focused on the native, a Booker prize won by an Indian, and a Hindi film nominated for the Oscars..






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