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    CONFEDERATE HERITAGE vs. SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY August 2015 - While my respect for the three Civil War leaders depicted on Stone Mountain, as brave men willing to die for their cause, has never receded, I can’t say the same for their cause or ideology.

  • Demystifying Yoga

    Demystifying Yoga July 2015 - Yoga can transform our lives—the mental, physical, and psychical transformations are profound—but yoga is not a religious activity.

  • Of Perceptions and Stereotypes

    Of Perceptions and Stereotypes June 2015 - Entrenched patriarchy is the norm among the rural masses of a large swath of the country. But establishment India—what drives the nation—is not so deeply colored by patriarchy.

  • Guest Editorial: The Taste of Justice

    Guest Editorial: The Taste of Justice May 2015 - After almost 10 years, Annamalai (aka Dr. Commander Selvam Siddhar) was sentenced to 27 years for 34 counts of fraud, obstruction of justice, money laundering, conspiracy, and more.

  • The Sureshbhai Patel Police Incident: Keeping it Real

    The Sureshbhai Patel Police Incident: Keeping it Real March 2015 - Swift corrective (as much as possible) action for Sureshbhai Patel came from the evidence of his absolute innocence, leaving the police with absolutely nothing to justify their violence.

  • Stop Being Indian-American!

    Stop Being Indian-American! February 2015 - An Indian-American response to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's statements: “I do not believe in hyphenated Americans.” And, “My dad and mom told my brother and me that we came to America to be Americans—not Indian-Americans.” And, “If we wanted to be Indians, we would have stayed in India.”

  • “Illegal” or “Undocumented”?

    “Illegal” or “Undocumented”? December 2014 - The presence of undocumented Indians in the U.S. in large numbers is a relatively recent phenomenon. Is it appropriate, or dehumanizing and counterproductive, to refer to them as "illegal"?

  • Shapeshifter PM: Who’s the Real Modi?

    Shapeshifter PM: Who’s the Real Modi? November 2014 - India’s charismatic new Prime Minister is seen in strikingly opposite images. Is he the greatest threat to India’s secular and progressive values, or the best thing to happen since Independence?

  • Racism and South Asians

    Racism and South Asians October 2014 - HOW DOES RACISM AFFECT SOUTH ASIANS? An editorial perspective on the actions and attitudes that can help us navigate an America which appears far from post-racial.

  • Sexuality in Modern India: Paradoxes and Myths

    Sexuality in Modern India: Paradoxes and Myths August 2014 - Pop psychology or prurient interests should not set the agenda for the place of sexuality in societies. Is liberalism really a return to India's "glorious liberal" sexual past?






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