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  • Intelligent Parenting in complex times

    Intelligent Parenting in complex times November 2010 - When we were growing up, most of the important things in life were conveyed to us in a singular, simple fashion. Now, almost nothing comes with such a black-and-white clarity. Is it any wonder that the perennial “toughest job” has become tougher still?

  • Should Hindus worry about the “theft” of yoga?

    Should Hindus worry about the “theft” of yoga? October 2010 - When the word yoga itself means “union,” where is the question of one or another to steal from?

  • The (Real) Incredible India

    The (Real) Incredible India August 2010 -

  • Bowling Alone but Still Together

    Bowling Alone but Still Together July 2010 - Not long ago, a visitor from India had a question about this magazine. Why, he wondered, did we write about our Indian-American rather than our American experience. To put it another way, the gap between ‘Indian’ and ‘American’ (whether one uses the hyphen or not) puzzled him. Why be on the margins, he seemed to be implying, instead of being in the mainstream.

  • Living There, Living Here

    Living There, Living Here June 2010 -

  • On Marriage and Matchmaking

    On Marriage and Matchmaking October 2009 - “Do I want to marry?” “Am I ready to bite the bullet?” “How do I know—really know—if I have found my soul mate?”

  • The Rationale Behind Political Support

    The Rationale Behind Political Support September 2009 - Should we blindly support “Indian-American” candidates—even if their politics can be damaging to us as a demographic group?

  • The Lure of Places

    The Lure of Places August 2009 - Strictly from an objective stance, there is no risk that Mumbai would, anytime soon, make it to any list of the Top 10 Most Livable Cities.

  • Irrational Immigration

    Irrational Immigration May 2009 - “Don’t we live in a great country,” goes the joke. “If you are late paying your charge card bill, you incur a late fee. But if you simply can’t or won’t pay the bill at all, then you are off the hook altogether.

  • A "Jai Ho" to Slumdog Millionaire

    A "Jai Ho" to Slumdog Millionaire March 2009 - The fact that the story is set in Mumbai, my hometown, made it that much more personal and discomforting. My impulsive reaction was to cry foul—that this was not the Mumbai I remember growing up in.






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