• Jaya and I

    Jaya and I January 2004 -

  • Nature of Clouds

    Nature of Clouds January 2004 - A serene smile and a philosophy of service is what characterize VIJAY VEMULAPALLI. What's more, it is making a difference in the lives of the thousands of destitute children who need help the most.

  • Durga Pujos Vs. Christmases

    Durga Pujos Vs. Christmases December 2003 - In India kissing is big deal. In the recent past, the rumor mills were doing overtime suggesting that India's top actress Aishwaria Rai was approached to play the Bond girl opposite Pierce Brosnan... By Siddharth Srivastava

  • The Kismet of Kisses

    The Kismet of Kisses December 2003 - In just over a year in Atlanta (and in the US), MOHAN KAPUR has established himself as the preeminent performance coach in the community. By DEEPA AGARWAL

  • Christmas Curry: Worthy of Seconds

    Christmas Curry: Worthy of Seconds November 2003 - This year, Christmas can be enjoyed with a unique desi flavor, thanks to this CD produced in Birmingham, Alabama.

  • H1-B Visas Indian IT industry Not Worried

    H1-B Visas Indian IT industry Not Worried November 2003 - The slashing of the H1-B visa quota to the U.S. has not evoked much trepidation here.

  • Forbidden Food: A Widow’s Blues

    Forbidden Food: A Widow’s Blues November 2003 - Little Rukmini was all of five years when her widowed grandmother came to live with the family. The arrival of ‘Savithri Mamma', as her grandmother was affectionately called, proved to be a windfall for Rukmini.

  • Harvard Undergrads Debunk Myth of Youth Apathy

    Harvard Undergrads Debunk Myth of Youth Apathy October 2003 - Written by two Harvard undergraduates, Ganesh Sitaraman (a native of Marietta, GA) and Previn Warren, Invisible Citizens offers a realistic assessment of young America's attitudes toward politics.

  • Women’s Soccer Gets a Red Card

    Women’s Soccer Gets a Red Card October 2003 - Women's professional sports suffered a major blow recently when the WUSA, an eight-team soccer league, hung up its cleats permanently, just days before the FIFA Women's World Cup.

  • India's Latest Tennis Sensation

    India's Latest Tennis Sensation October 2003 - In cricket-crazy India, tennis is not a big sport. Certainly not amongst Indian girls. Despite this, 16 year old SANIA MIRZA became the first Indian girl to win a Wimbledon Championship, and in so doing captured the fancy of the nation.






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