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  • Painting Green

    Painting Green October 2005 - The horses thundered by on the Mumbai racetrack last summer, as Guru Swaroop Srivastava signed the check that...

  • The Storm After the Hurricane

    The Storm After the Hurricane October 2005 - We filed off the bus, rubbing our eyes. Immediately, a police car pulled up. "Where do you want us to put her?" the officer...

  • Each breath as a step towards growth

    Each breath as a step towards growth October 2005 - Whatever the past karma, you can either squander it or make it grow. Let us say, by age 30 you have earned...

  • A long way from home

    A long way from home October 2005 - In the hours that followed Hurricane Katrina, it seemed that the Category 4 hurricane's 145 mph winds had not just...

  • Tidbits

    Tidbits October 2005 - It's a warm Texas morning and President Bush calls a press conference to address growing concerns about...

  • Racing To Help Katrina Victims

    Racing To Help Katrina Victims October 2005 - Three-year-old Riya Desai tells her new neighbors in Roswell, Ga., that all her toys are intact back home in St. Bernard...

  • Can Heritage Be Patented?

    Can Heritage Be Patented? September 2005 - Yoga?it is a $30-billion-a-year business in America with its roots in India. Long before outsourcing became a dirty...

  • Indian English: It Vill Be Wery Helpful, Yaar!

    Indian English: It Vill Be Wery Helpful, Yaar! September 2005 - It is the year 2020 and call centers are opening all over the West, as India, the new economic power, outsources work...

  • Conscious Action

    Conscious Action September 2005 - Now, what kind of affairs you want to do is your choice. For example, everyone doesn't have to join...

  • An Indian Summer

    An Indian Summer September 2005 - Three summers ago, my parents dragged me kicking and screaming to Rochester, New York, to deposit...






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