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How to Get Headache Relief without Pills

March 2003
How to Get Headache Relief without Pills

Headache relief just got easier and faster -- thanks to a new drug-free remedy. AcuBead HeadacheBeads use a new acupressure technology to help relieve headache and migraine pain.

Acupressure works by stimulating pressure points that correspond with specific body parts or functions. Ear acupressure uses the application of pressure, applied to specific areas on the ear, where the entire body is represented by more than 200 stimulation points.

Developed by two medical doctors, HeadacheBeads acupressure strips are adhesive strips with titanium beads designed to stimulate the area of the ear that affects the head. When the strips are placed in the right spot, and firm finger pressure is applied to the beads, the nerve reflexes that relieve headache pain are stimulated. This releases endorphins, the body?s natural pain killers. The result is pain relief, often in minutes and sometimes in seconds. Initial clinical studies showed 80 percent of AcuBead users feel good to excellent pain relief within 30 minutes.

?The public is demanding safe, drug-free alternatives for everyday ailments and chronic pain,? says Dr. Frederick T. Strobl, cofounder of AcuBead. ?As a reliable, effective alternative based on the therapeutic benefits of acupressure, acupressure strips fill a clear void in the marketplace. ?Not only are AcuBead acupressure strips drug-free, they are appropriate for health-conscious individuals as well as those taking medications.?

Unlike other pain relief products on the market, there are no limiting drug side effects or worries about drug interactions with AcuBead. The strips can be used alone or in conjunction with pain medicine and are easy to self-apply to achieve desired pain relief. And since the one strip can stay on the ear for days, headaches or migraines go away and stay away -- putting users in control of their own pain management.

?I encourage several of my patients to use AcuBead acupressure strips to supplement their ongoing pain care programs, because I think the strips offer some real advantages in pain control,? says Dr. Miles Belgrade, medical director at Fairview University Medical Center, Pain Program. ?They are based on the very sound, traditional principles of acupuncture, which scientific evidence has shown can control pain,? continues Belgrade.

AcuBead offers acupressure strips for other pain relief -- LowbackBeads for low back pain and sciatica and NeckBeads for neck and shoulder pain. In addition, AcuBead offers SlenderBeads for weight control.

For additional information on AcuBead LLC, its founders or its products, as well as testimonials, visit the AcuBead Web site at

-Courtesy of ARA Content

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