IMMIGRATION FAQs September 2013 - Frequently asked immigration questions about spouses of permanent residents, onsite visits to IT consulting companies, stepchildren, travel on a green card. Also visa preference numbers.

  • Immigration Reform: Unclear but Optimistic

    Immigration Reform: Unclear but Optimistic August 2013 - How strong is the opposition to the immigration bill in the House of Representatives? / Important Advancements in August Visa Bulletin

  • Immigration Reform News Briefs

    Immigration Reform News Briefs July 2013 - Immigration reform chart shows disqualification categories. Will anything get done before August recess? / Family-based FB2A category may become current; file your papers.

  • Immigration Bill Still under Debate

    Immigration Bill Still under Debate June 2013 - House of Representatives Reach Agreement / New Procedures for Arriving F-1 Students / Visa Preference Numbers for JUNE 2013

  • New Immigration Bill Introduced by Senators

    New Immigration Bill Introduced by Senators May 2013 - Certain undocumented immigrants could apply for “provisional” legal status as soon as six months after the bill is signed by the president. / H1B Cap Reached in First Week of Filings.

  • Immigration News Briefs

    Immigration News Briefs April 2013 - Will this H-1B season be over in a matter of weeks? Maybe. Also, government sequestration will cause travel delays for visa services and at major airports and other points of entry.

  • Immigration Reform Update

    Immigration Reform Update March 2013 - The U.S. Senate has four immigration reform items on the agenda. / President Obama's immigration to-do list is detailed here. / Visa Preference Numbers for March 2013.

  • Immigration News Briefs

    Immigration News Briefs February 2013 - New provisional unlawful presence waiver rule finally launched by USCIS / U.S. Embassy, New Delhi, announces interview waiver for H-1B and L-1 visa applicants and certain students, if requirements are met.


    IMMIGRATION NEWS BRIEFS January 2013 - Georgia Police Can Choose to Enforce Immigration Law / USCIS to Implement New Fee from Feb. 1 / President Obama wants tighter border security and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already here.

  • Obama and Immigration Reform

    Obama and Immigration Reform December 2012 - Shortly after his election victory, President Barack Obama urged Congress to approve immigration reform that will allow a path to the legalization of undocumented migrants’ status.






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