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Job Opportunities in a Recessionary Environment

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April 2010
Job Opportunities in a Recessionary Environment


Even in the best of times, it is not always easy for a person who wants employment sponsorship for a green card to find a position in the United States. Some industries have been identified as recession-proof, although the reality is that every industry will be affected adversely in some way. Still, the impacts of an economic downturn do result in a greater demand for some services, while other careers are a necessity no matter what the national financial situation. A few of the careers that have historically been popular among immigrants, and are well worth looking into if one wishes to pursue employment-based immigration to this country, are below, along with a note on nonimmigrant and immigrant options in those fields.

·        Information Technology: Although in general IT has taken a severe hit over the past few years, with many consulting jobs lost, it is also true that now many companies are turning to those IT professionals who can help them increase efficiency and reduce costs using technology solutions.

o       IT professionals are the most popular H-1 positions, and are well-suited for green card sponsorship as well. However, due to the amount of lay-offs in the industry, one must be uniquely qualified for the job position in order to survive the green card recruitment process. 

·        Teaching: No matter what the economic situation, schools will always need teachers. In fact, with many adults returning to school to increase their job prospects, many higher education teaching jobs are opening up.

o       Immigration Note: The main challenge here is getting sponsorship from a secondary school or university. Universities are exempt from H-1 cap restrictions, and can also use “special recruitment” for labor cases, a more reasonable form of advertising and selecting employees.

·        Accounting: Although it may be tempting to cut corners and do one’s own taxes, the more savvy tax-filers realize that accountants pay for themselves. With everyone eager to find as many deductions as possible, accounting positions should be on the rise.

o       Accounting is another popular category for H-1 petitions, and the job positions are also well-suited for green card sponsorship. Advanced degrees (e.g. master’s or higher) in the field help speed along the green card process, but are not necessary.

·        Health Care: Especially with the physical effects of economic stress, the medical field is in no danger of slowing down. It’s not only physicians who have job security, but also nurses, assistants, and technicians.

o       For nurses, the position must be one that requires a four-year degree in order to obtain an H-1 (usually specialized nursing positions). For physicians, although the J-1 program is popular among residency programs, it is best to try to obtain an H-1 instead to avoid the two-year foreign residency requirement for J-1.

·        Pharmacists: With the ongoing need for medical treatment, there will always be the concurrent need for medications.

o       The Doctorate of Pharmacy issued by U.S. universities typically is equated to only a bachelor’s degree by USCIS, for purposes of green card sponsorship (i.e. it is not considered an EB-2 advanced degree). For H-1 sponsorship, you must be licensed to be sponsored as a pharmacist, but can be first sponsored as a pharmacy intern until you get the license.

·        Consulting: Recessions are crunch times for companies as well, and they're likely to bring in consultants for advice on efficiency and squeezing the most out of their resources.

o       Popular H-1 and green card sponsorship positions in this category would be business analysts, business development specialists, and any type of specialized field consulting.






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