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Creating True Affluence!

August 2007
Creating True Affluence!

It has always been a fascination for me to see how other people relate with money. Have you ever wondered why some people buy their biggest homes after their kids have moved out, rather than downsizing? Or why some people prefer to hoard their money and have a difficult time spending money or making any charitable donations? Why do some people feel the need to squeeze the maximum advantage out of every money transaction—whether they are negotiating for a new car or getting maximum output from their employees or their household help?

Then on the other hand, some people are incredibly generous. They have no problems spending or giving away their time and money. Yet, they always seem to have enough. They may not be what a person may call filthy rich, but they are wealthy in more ways than one.

Most of our behavior is conditioned into us from when we are young. We watch our parents, family, and friends and adapt their habits, which they adapted from someone they knew. We also make decisions emotionally and then rationalize afterwards. In truth, you can rationalize just about anything! But wouldn't it make more sense to step outside the box and evaluate what we really want for ourselves and our community?

We are very proud of telling our friends about how we got the better deal and how we got the best of our opponent. But, is this what true affluence is about? Think about it for a minute. Who has inspired you the most? Whom have you had the best money transactions with? Who do you think of as the most affluent person you know personally? Whom would you aspire to be like?

If my guess is right, it is probably not the penny pinchers in your life. It is probably the more generous people you know. They are the honest ones. These individuals don't feel like they need to pay the lowest price every single time. They are the ones who take care of their employees, their family, their friends, and also their community. They are easy to approach and quick to give. These people may not always have a lot of money, but they have a big heart! They are open to give their time and energies whenever possible. They will volunteer for community activities just to give back with no expectations of getting anything in return. They are the ones you know, in the bottom of your heart, you can count on.

It is interesting how this phenomena works! The more you give, the more the universe gives back. The more you hoard, the more constipation you attract in all areas of your life. You may not get it back from the same place you give, but it does come back from unexpected places. You don't have to take my word for this. This is something you have to try it out in your life and see if it is true. I have seen it work for me again and again. What Zig Ziglar said a long time ago is very true. "You can get everything you want in life if you'll just help enough other people get what they want." There has been a lot of work done on this subject. There are dozens of books and movies made. As a matter of fact, all of the religious and spiritual books, prophets, and messengers have also said the same thing.

How Can You Apply This in Your Life?

Start with a little self-study. Check out some books on this subject. Deepak Chopra's Creating Affluence is a good place to start. Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, and even the new movie The Secret are also great. Become more aware of how you interact with others—especially when it comes to money! Give a little more than what is asked of you. Start an automatic donation program to whatever cause you feel strongly about. Make a goals chart and keep it in your bathroom or a place you can see everyday. Your goals chart is a way for you to measure the progress in your life. Get your family involved. Remember, you are also conditioning your children!

Just like anything, it takes time and constant effort to develop new habits and test the truths in your life. Be patient and keep testing the waters. If you like the results you are achieving, you will automatically be motivated to keep it up.

By Rajesh Jyotishi

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