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Letters from Readers

July 2020
Letters from Readers

Enjoyed reading Khabar, especially article on Rajasthan

I have enjoyed reading Khabar for the informative articles, interviews, regular sections, and humor pieces. In the May issue, I read with interest stories of front-line healthcare providers, Bhagwan Singh Gyanee, and interview with Dr. Swati Kulkarni. However, “To My Mother, A Daughter of Rajasthan” touched me because I was born in Jodhpur and spent my first 22 years there. Reading Monita Soni’s description of the Khejri tree, the desert, and Rajasthani food brought back fond memories of my native province.

Hemlata Vasavada

by email

Ethnicity, race, color, and religion shouldn’t determine fates

It’s so disgusting how the fact that people can’t choose their own skin color is used against them on the topic of police brutality, and it’s just utterly ridiculous. Since when is it a black person’s choice to be black? Why wouldn’t they be black? Black is a beautiful color. No matter what you try, at the end of the day it’s always the police firing into the crowd, starting all the violence. These people can’t go out without their families worrying themselves sick for them. There definitely shouldn’t be any discrimination based on color, religion, or race. Our ethnicity, race, color, and religion should not determine our future fates, ones which we deserve to create. Our background or appearance doesn’t change that, and no corrupt government system should. All of us are the same, and the decision of color is God’s, not the people. White cops decide to assume that black people do not deserve the confidence and beauty they carry, so they kill. Violence is never the answer, and not in a million years will they have the right to hit someone based on their color. Silence is not helping them, especially right now when everyone’s voices need to be heard. Together, we can get back the rights we deserve and transform the broken and corrupt systems surrounding our environment.

Fizah Ahmad

Lawrenceville, GA

Don’t neglect climate change

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. And India’s initiatives to combat it are visionary and lead the world. But arguing for climate change and then dissolving into a political statement is needless and actually takes away from the argument. Because whether it be India’s schemes for the poor, development agenda, or climate goals, they benefit all Indians. More effective would be to highlight how the countries that lag in climate action can learn from India’s road map. For the first time, India ranks among the top ten in this year’s CCPI (Climate Change Performance Index). And the independent organization Climate Action Tracker puts India in its 2nd highest category with the likes of Costa Rica and Bhutan, ahead of all of the EU and North America.

Tirth Shah

Commerce, GA

Are You a Teen with a View?
Teenagers with an Indian-American/South Asian background are welcome to share their thoughts on these topics: (1) Covid-19. How has the pandemic affected you and your perspective? What have you done to make things better for yourself and others? (2) Black Lives Matter. What do you think of this movement, and the community’s response to it? Why and how are you involved—or not involved? For both topics, while shorter comments can be sent by email, commentaries (600 to 700 words) should be sent as a Word attachment. There’s a $50 payment for any commentary that’s selected for publication in Khabar. Your submission should include your age and place of residence. Email:

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Mail: Khabar, Inc. 3635 Savannah Place Dr, Suite 400, Duluth, GA 30096.
Note: Views expressed in the Letters section do not necessarily represent those of the publication.

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