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Letters from Readers

June 2013
Letters from Readers Sensory feedback an important aspect of the Montessori method

In the article titled “A for App” (May issue), although the author mistakenly identified the main issue many educators (and I) have with technology in the classroom as social (I suppose that would be a concern if your child were educated by computer in the home only), I enjoyed the balance brought with the parents’ comments in the end.

The neuropsychologists who say that Montessori is a method they would invent if it had not been invented already are pointing to the sensorial aspect and the opportunity for related movement with sensory feedback that is lacking with electronic materials. It is through the senses that the very important link between movement and new pathways in the brain are made.

James Gorman’s recent New York Times article (“A Sense of Where You Are”) highlights recent research clarifying the link between movement and learning that helps to explain the importance of movement.

Montessori said, “The hand is the instrument of the brain,” and, with the many Practical Life and Sensorial Exercises a child gets in a Montessori environment, rich opportunities are given for the development of the hand, and then, the brain.

I will share copies [of Khabar] at our faculty meeting Monday with pride.

Gail Pruitt Hall, M.Ed.
Director of Education
Northwoods Montessori
Atlanta, Georgia

Spanish lessons anyone?

This is about Hem Chaudhuri’s letter in your April issue about the need for Indian-Americans to learn Spanish. If someone can arrange a facility in the Atlanta area, I can teach anyone who’s interested. Contact me at or at 478-474-0286 Monday through Friday.


Jagdish Engineer
Macon, Georgia

Blessed are the peacemakers

The news report titled “With warmth and respect, interfaith friendships blossom,” in the April 2013 issue, was heart-warming. Recently, in a town in Uttar Pradesh, India, Muslims leaders decided to celebrate Holi with their Hindu friends, making it one of the best Holi celebrations in that area, which had seen several incidents of tension between Hindus and Muslims in the past. The greatest paradox in today’s world is the bitterness we see in the relations between neighbors of two religions while all religions preach that truth, charity, compassion, mercy, and love are the divine principles of life. I also read about the rebirth of a traditional Moroccan celebration of Muslim-Jewish friendship in Israel. People of different religions will have to open their doors to believers in other faiths, communicate with them, and entertain them with respect. Only then can friendship be established, and we can all live in a city of peace, which is the ultimate master-plan of the Creator. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God (Matthew 5:9).” That divine instruction taught by Jesus is totally applicable to all human beings on earth.

Also, with regard to Hem Chaudhuri’s letter, there is indeed a dire need for Indian-Americans to learn Spanish. In order to interact with the second largest population group in the U.S., it’s important to learn their language. I learned some Spanish when I went to Mexico for a few days, and that comes in handy now. When I interact with Spanish-speaking people, they smile at me, and an easy bridge is established. Knowing a stranger’s language is the best way to make a personal or business connection. When my daughter was in college, she asked me if she should learn German, French, or Spanish. I advised her to learn Spanish. She’s a school psychologist now, and her knowledge of Spanish is an asset. Since it’s not practical or easy to learn many languages, let’s give priority to Spanish—which will help us greatly in the years to come.

A. S. Mathew
Ringgold, Georgia

Enlightening spiritually

Very good, profound, and precise explanation of the realm of devotion (Spiritual StraightTalk, May issue). I read Khabar without fail for its informative articles. Sadhguru’s writings are always enlightening and a source of guidance for those who want to know things that will enrich their lives both morally and spiritually. Khabar is a magazine of pride for the Indian community. Thank you for everything.

Zainub Hirani

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