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Letters from Readers

August 2012
Letters from Readers Sadhguru Vasudev’s interview with Khabar

Absolutely brilliant. As eloquent and crystal clear as someone can get in his answers. Thank you!
Srividhya Radhakrishnan
online comment

What a beautiful insight into life’s questions? Loved reading his answers.
Ranjini Warrier
online comment

I can relate to every question that is being asked, and every answer that Sadhguru gave is so eye opening....
Kalyani Koganti
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Simply incredible. Loved this conversation, with such crystal clear insights into life’s contemporary issues. Am deeply indebted!
Santosh Kanaje
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Be thankful for a mix of cultures

I envy Urmila for being half-Tamilian and half- Bengali, and for living in Twin Cities (“Confused All Right,” July issue)! I consider Minneapolis my hometown because I started my life in the U.S.A. in that area. It’s a beautiful city. I am full Gujarati, and I wish I were half-Gujarati and half some other race. A mix of different cultures is advantageous. After 46 years in this country, I am half-Indian and half-American.

Urmila, you are in good company. The person who got ‘C’ in his thesis at Harvard business school started Federal Express! The professor who gave him ‘C’ must be sucking an egg now. What about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? Both dropouts, not even ‘C’, but ‘I’ (for incomplete).
Rohit Zaveri
Atlanta, Georgia

Excellent write-up. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Sabita Roy
online comment


Northeasterners in India

I want to salute Chitra Ahanthem for her pure, patriotic, youthful comments (“How Indian Is a Manipuri?” July issue). Yes, these could only come from a Manipuri girl, as she is from the land where for the first time our tricolor was unfurled and the land which is the soul of our ancient vedic India. The pride and spirit of all that can easily be felt in Chitra’s views. It is high time that the youth of India should stand up for CAUSE only and not get misled or distracted by the political and media agenda or labels like caste, region, or religion. It is important for the media and youth to get united and fight for:
• Educational Reforms with ancient true history of India, real heroes from all the states, and policies for people of whole India.
• Training Police and public servants for unbiased, prompt response and professional work culture.
• Political Reforms with people-based policies and every person just Indian, with importance of family name abolished and fresh youth encouraged to enter politics.
• Interstate Relations with removal of myths created by Britishers, missionaries, and central political parties that people from out of state are “Foreigners” or not Indians, to STOP dividing India in the name of this land or that land.
• Safety Reforms on all campuses and universities.

And the list can go on. The key is Youth Awakening and Unity for INDIA only.

Hats off to Chitra. Please follow this modern-day freedom fighter !!!!
Indu Dey
by email

Good or bad, this differentiation exists everywhere—e.g., in the U.S. each state supports college students from its own state, others pay far higher fees. In New York, a resident noncitizen even pays a higher library fine. In a country where we have perhaps ten times the people the country can hold comfortably, each of us needs to try really hard to be the very best person we can be and not worry too much about discrimination, the government’s misdeeds, gender/ religion issues, etc.
Bharati Shahida
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Plan and save before retiring

Plan early, save early, and retire early (Moneywise, July issue). These are the things that you should remember. Of course you can go the extra mile and save for a couple more years for retirement but the reason people want to retire is to stop working—unless you really love what you’re doing. And by all means, if you love making money, then earning it won’t have to be job for you. Aside from that, great list, great article.
Darwin Feldman
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