• Styrofoam or Thalis?

    Styrofoam or Thalis? May 2013 - For the sake of the earth’s ecosystem, I swore off eating from anything that is not recyclable. I can switch restaurants, but what can I do about eating at friends' parties and at temple?

  • Waste of Our Heritage

    Waste of Our Heritage April 2013 - It may seem odd to suggest that trash can be a form of greed, but it is. How much we consume is directly correlated with how much we dispose. And modern India has become addicted to consumption.

  • Water War Worries

    Water War Worries March 2013 - Politicians and journalists seem to talk about wars in Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq being about oil. What about the fighting over water? Did Gandhiji talk about environmentalism?

  • Mahatma's Great Words Need Understanding of Context

    Mahatma's Great Words Need Understanding of Context February 2013 - Would Gandhi approve of America's "right of the people to keep and bear Arms"? Maybe not. Look at the context of Gandhi's writing to avoid misunderstanding, and see whether this "right" fits with his own concept of swaraj.

  • Hero’s Journey

    Hero’s Journey January 2013 - Should we worship Gandhi? Let’s use a framework from Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces to explore how Gandhiji was a hero “made in the hour of defeat.”

  • Flat-out Lie, Fabrication, or Caring Imagination?

    Flat-out Lie, Fabrication, or Caring Imagination? December 2012 - It's been tough trying to get a job here, since I didn't work in India. My husband’s friends tell me to stretch the truth on the applications. Shall I give up my values, tell a little lie, and get a job?

  • Smile, You’re on Gandhi Camera

    Smile, You’re on Gandhi Camera November 2012 - Why don’t many Indians smile in photographs? Strange, since Mr. Gandhi is almost always smiling in the historical snaps taken of him.

  • The Death of D. E. M. O’Cracy

    The Death of D. E. M. O’Cracy October 2012 - Q: I’m contemplating NOT voting in this year’s presidential election. I don’t find either candidate compelling. Why bother to vote? A: ... Vote. Be not silent.

  • A Long Way Up Mt. Olympus or a Wrong Way Up?

    A Long Way Up Mt. Olympus or a Wrong Way Up? September 2012 - What would Gandhiji make of India’s lackluster performance at the 2012 Summer Olympics?

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T August 2012 - My parents used to say, “Beta, even if you don’t agree with your elders, always respect them.” But did Gandhi have some people who got under his skin—people whom he just couldn’t respect?






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