• Vocation as Vacation

    Vocation as Vacation July 2012 - When I planned a trip to the beach for my family this summer, my father said it was a waste of time and money. Indeed, he suggested that we go to Gandhi camp. Didn’t the great Mahatma ever go on vacation?

  • Vegetarian Fan or Fanatic?

    Vegetarian Fan or Fanatic? June 2012 - Much of modern medicine is based on animal products. I understand that the Mahatma stopped his wife’s beef-based medical treatments. Doesn’t it seem fanatical to privilege an animal over a human?

  • IST—Indian-Standard-Tardy

    IST—Indian-Standard-Tardy May 2012 - Many people of Indian origin operate on “IST” (Indian Standard Time, or Indian Standard--Tardy). Any suggestions about how one can find sanity in this crazy world of the tardy?

  • Baptizing Bapuji

    Baptizing Bapuji April 2012 - Have you heard that the Mormons have baptized Mahatma Gandhi by proxy? How could they take the Hindu Bapu and posthumously converted him to their faith? What would Gandhi say???

  • Books: Will That Be Paper or Electrons?

    Books: Will That Be Paper or Electrons? March 2012 - I really don’t think the modern world electronic book readers such as the Kindle are a fitting replacement of their traditional hardcopy counterparts. What would Gandhiji say?

  • Indian Youth: Welcome Abundance or Reckless Abandon?

    Indian Youth: Welcome Abundance or Reckless Abandon? February 2012 - The youth in India are buying all kinds of junk: fast food, cheap trinkets, expensive cell phones, designer jeans, knock-offs of Rolex watches, and shiny new cars. What would Gandhiji make of this? Progress? Or perdition?

  • Political Sit-ins and Satyagrahashram

    Political Sit-ins and Satyagrahashram January 2012 - Mahatma Gandhi wanted to uplift all, work against poverty, involve the masses, improve worker’s rights, end corrupt behavior, free people from oppressive rule, etc. How would Gandhi look at the political sit-ins of today?

  • All That Glitters Is Not Gold

    All That Glitters Is Not Gold December 2011 - The Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple has been found to have huge treasure stored as a backstop for the state. Who should have control: the temple, the government, an NGO?

  • The Hanging

    The Hanging November 2011 - Several men have been found innocent after having been wrongfully convicted. Yet we still have cases in America (Troy Davis) and India (Rajiv Gandhi assasination) where the death sentence, though protested, can be carried out.

  • Dude, Raj, Dr. Joshi, Sir, or Uncle?

    Dude, Raj, Dr. Joshi, Sir, or Uncle? October 2011 - As young adults out in the world, how should we address acquaintances and friends who are Indian and older than we are?






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