• Attaining the Highest – One Step at a Time

    Attaining the Highest – One Step at a Time June 2009 - The word “yoga” literally means “union.” When you experience everything as one in your consciousness, then you are in yoga.

  • Transcending Sense Perceptions

    Transcending Sense Perceptions May 2009 - The only thing that you can really experience is that which is within you. And that which is within you, you have never really looked at in real depth.

  • Mind: Society’s Garbage Bin

    Mind: Society’s Garbage Bin April 2009 - We could make the mind into three parts. The discriminatory dimension of the mind, which is called the intellect; the accumulative part that gathers information; and awareness, which is called pragna.

  • The Past and the Personality

    The Past and the Personality March 2009 - Right now, whatever you call as ‘yourself’ is simply a certain formation of the mind you have collected.

  • Responding to Crime and Criminals

    Responding to Crime and Criminals February 2009 - Responding to Crime and CriminalsThough it may give him some pleasure or joy or power or something at that moment, still, in many ways, it is a tragedy for him as well.

  • Life Afresh With Children

    Life Afresh With Children November 2008 - The first thing to do when raising a child is not to touch your children, not to influence their minds with your distorted minds! That is the first step you need to take.

  • Health is Wholness

    Health is Wholness September 2008 - Movie review of Kismat Konnection

  • The connection between sports and leadership

    The connection between sports and leadership June 2008 - You may go to work halfhearted, you may live halfhearted, you may do everything in your life halfhearted, but a sport is one thing you cannot do halfhearted. Unless you plunge yourself into it, there is no game.

  • Create a Culture of Involvement

    Create a Culture of Involvement May 2008 - Sadhguru, should we be open to other cultures or should we stick to our own culture?

  • Being Blissful

    Being Blissful April 2008 - There is so much misery in the world today that the idea of a state of bliss seems abstract. Can you define true bliss?






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