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  • Fortunate Misfortunes

    Fortunate Misfortunes October 2017 - The spiritual process is not about causing a particular event, but about causing a certain way of being, that whatever the situation, it turns into a fortune. If so-called misfortunes strike, look again.

  • What is Truth?

    What is Truth? September 2017 - “What is truth, and what is its nature,” Arjuna asked Krishna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Sadhguru explains Krishna’s answer, elaborating on the “ultimate nectar of life.”

  • A Profound Sense of Life

    A Profound Sense of Life August 2017 - As creation made you, you are a complete life. You don't need accessories to be complete. What people really suffer is that their consciousness, which should be limitless, is constrained.

  • From Untruth to Truth

    From Untruth to Truth July 2017 - Sadhguru writes about Asatoma Sadgamaya, moving from untruth to truth. He says, “If you are not rooted within you, you will keep doing things that will ultimately work against you.”

  • Obedience: Not a Solution

    Obedience: Not a Solution June 2017 - Some authoritarian parents are not able to earn affection from their children, and they demand obedience. Love and respect must be earned, especially in a parent-child relationship.

  • Enlightenment Is Self-Annihilation

    Enlightenment Is Self-Annihilation May 2017 - For most people, it takes a time and maturity to understand that whatever you make out of yourself, it will never be enough. Only when who you are is no more, everything becomes wonderful.

  • Where Do You Find the Divine?

    Where Do You Find the Divine? April 2017 - You cannot see anything outside. You can only see that which happens in your mindscape. There is only one place. You do not need to go anywhere. Wherever you go, “The Only Place” goes with you.

  • Entrepreneurial Stress

    Entrepreneurial Stress March 2017 - If you can’t manage your mind, how will you manage thousands of minds as you run your business? If you manage your mind, work is not stress. Your inability to manage yourself is stress.

  • How to Get Rid of Bad Habits

    How to Get Rid of Bad Habits February 2017 - How to get rid of bad habits? Good habits, bad habits—all habits are bad. You need to work on becoming conscious. Intention does not bring change, only consciousness does.

  • A Perfect Union

    A Perfect Union January 2017 - When you abandon your personality, you are in a state of union with the rest of the cosmos. I want all of you to take this vow, that we as a generation will do things in an enduring way.






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