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  • Don’t Plan Your Life Away

    Don’t Plan Your Life Away March 2016 - You need a plan to know what to do tomorrow morning, but don’t expect your life to go by the plan. Always dream that your life will happen way beyond your plan, your imagination, your expectations.

  • Is your child ‘normal’?

    Is your child ‘normal’? February 2016 - Because we are trying to put all children into one slot, some look abnormal. If you make a child feel ashamed of what he is not able to see, he may never speak about what he is able to see.

  • What is the Purpose of Life?

    What is the Purpose of Life? January 2016 - So, “What is the purpose of life?” This question arises because you have not experienced the grandeur of existence. You don’t have to do anything. Just being alive is grand enough.

  • Skeptics Are True Seekers

    Skeptics Are True Seekers December 2015 - Skepticism is not a bad thing on a spiritual quest. If you are a joyful skeptic, you are a great spiritual seeker. If you’re a depressed skeptic, then you’re a good client for some psychiatrist.

  • Get Wise Before You Get Old

    Get Wise Before You Get Old November 2015 - Wisdom comes with age and experience, right? Not necessarily, says Sadhguru. How much more enriched and happy would our lives be if we could acquire wisdom during our young, strong, and productive years?

  • Light Up From Within

    Light Up From Within October 2015 - But if every human being can light up within himself, if every human being becomes a solution by himself, so that he does not create any problems, neither for himself nor anybody around him, then we do not have to go about solving problems anymore. We have to think how to light up the whole world because that is the ultimate solution.

  • Seeing Through Midlife Crisis

    Seeing Through Midlife Crisis September 2015 - Q: This emptiness in my life--is this my midlife crisis? A: Living only in your own thought and emotion would be tragic. This is change, that could awaken you out of living that way.

  • Top 5 Myths of Yoga—Busted!

    Top 5 Myths of Yoga—Busted! August 2015 - There is a lot of “yoga” happening that has very little to do with what yoga really is. Several myths about this ancient practice have been masquerading as facts. Let's demystify yoga.

  • Is existence perfect?

    Is existence perfect? July 2015 - The world is not perfect, but there is something we can do about it. Settle for nothing less than the infinite. Why don’t we give it a conscious expression? That is what yoga is about.

  • Gnana Yoga Is Not about Philosophies

    Gnana Yoga Is Not about Philosophies June 2015 - Unfortunately, people believe so many things: the shape and size of the soul, etc.; they read all this in books. This is not gnana yoga, because you are just believing something.






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