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Being Blissful

April 2008
Being Blissful

By Sadhguru

There is so much misery in the world today that the idea of a state of bliss seems abstract. Can you define true bliss?

How can I tell you? Maybe this question springs from so many influences, probably because even psychedelic drugs today are called ‘bliss.’

So now you are asking what true bliss is. There is no such thing as true bliss and false bliss. When you are in truth you will be in bliss. When you are really in touch with truth, you will naturally be in bliss. So bliss is like a litmus test for you - whether you are in truth or not.

Probably this question comes from a certain mindset, “If by just watching the sunset I become blissful, is that true bliss? Or when I am saying my prayer if I become blissful, is that true bliss? Or when I am meditating and have become blissful, is that true bliss?” How you become blissful doesn’t matter. Somehow you become blissful. That is all that matters.

Now the question is to be able to sustain it. Most people misunderstand pleasure as bliss. You can never sustain pleasure. It always falls short.

But blissfulness means a state that is not dependent upon anything. Pleasure is always dependent on something or somebody. Blissfulness is not dependent on anything; it is of your own nature. And blissfulness does not really need any external stimulus as such. Once you are in touch with it, you will know that all your needs were actually a childish attempt to become blissful. When you are blissful you are peace; you are in it and that is all.

Blissfulness is not something that you earn from outside. It is something that you dig deeper into yourself and find. It is like digging a well. When it is raining, if you open your mouth and wait for raindrops to fall into your mouth, a few of them may get inside. But still it is quite frustrating to quench your thirst by opening your mouth to the rain. And the rain is not going to last forever. An hour or two or three it lasts and then it is over.

That is the reason why you dig your own well, so that you have water throughout the year. So whatever you are referring to as true bliss is just this - you draw water from your own inner well. It sustains you all the time. It is not like opening your mouth to the rains when it rains. All the time you have water with you. That is bliss.

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