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Contemplate On the Highest

June 2010
Contemplate On the Highest

You may have many great notions about yourself, but when you sit with me, all your deceptions are down and you stand stark. This is the very purpose of being with a Sadhguru.

It is important that you realize the deception is on. So don’t think; start looking. Don’t use your stupid mind. It is the same nonsense. You cannot think any other way than you have been trained to up until now. Just look. The whole idea is to drop your stupid thinking.

All this high and low, right and wrong, is only in your mind. When you simply look at everything, everything seems to be okay. If you stand here and just look, the grass, the trees, the hill, the big mountain, the small mountain are all just part of the scenery. Does the cloud look better than the mountain? Or does the sky look better than the mountain?

Everything is just a part of one unit. If you stand here and think, “This is a mountain, that is a cloud,” then everything seems separate. The moment you project like this, all your nonsense, lifetimes of karma confront you. If you are simply here, looking at everything as it is, you become a different kind of a being altogether. You will mellow down to something totally different.

When you are in your mind, you don’t travel anywhere. You only hallucinate.

The first stanza of the Guru Pooja is just that:

Apavithra Pavithrova,

Sarvavastan Gatopiva,

Yasmareth Poondari Kaksham,

Sabahyabhyantara Suchihe

“Anyone—whether holy or unholy, whatsoever state he has reached—who meditates upon the lotus-eyed lord, becomes sanctified both internally and externally.”

This means you are not involved in your own self-emancipation. You’re not trying to improve yourself. You’re not trying to purify yourself. You just contemplate on what you hold as the highest right now. Whatever is your highest, you just contemplate upon that. Your inner and outer purity will happen naturally.

If you try to emancipate yourself, to improve yourself or to purify yourself, the more and more you do it, the more of a mess you will be. You simply contemplate on what you hold as the highest; maybe God, maybe the Guru, or whatever you hold as the highest. Or just contemplate on the sky; it is enough. Simply be with it, don’t project God or anything on it. It is simply smaran. Smaran means remembering or contemplating on the highest. Now, everything changes, inner and outer purity naturally happen.

Why temples are not working for people is because they are projecting about God. If they shift from projecting about God to smaran, there will be a tremendous transformation in them.

People cannot remember God. If you have to remember, you should have seen Him somewhere or in something. Maybe in a child’s face, your wife’s face, your lover’s face, maybe in a flower, in the clouds, somewhere you should have seen at least a glimpse of God; only then can you remember him. Others can only think. Smaran means it has happened.

In this smaran everything is purified. Now you don’t have to work on how to correct this or that, how to make this okay. Don’t worry about all that nonsense. You just remember the highest aspect of life that you have seen. Just go on remembering that. That’s your God for now. Everything can change out of that.

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