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Missing Out on Things

August 2006
Missing Out on Things

Missing Out on Things

Q: At times I have this inner struggle that I am missing out on many things in life by walking the spiritual path. How can I cope with this?

If you fix the goal of your life, you will not miss anything. All these tendencies are there within everybody. The past karmas have influences over you. They push you this way and that way. All your passions, all your desires, you cannot fight with them. Don't ever try to fight with your passions and desires. Fighting with them is like fighting the demon, Mahishasura. If one drop of his blood falls, a thousand Mahishasuras will rise up. Your desires and passions are just like that. If you try and fight with them, if you chop them, they will spill blood, and with every drop, a hundred or a thousand will come up. There is no point fighting them. Just educate your passions, educate your desires to flow in the right direction? that is all.���

Desire the highest in life. All your passions, direct them to the highest. Even if you get angry, direct it only toward the highest. Even with your passion, that is the way to do it.���Right now, every bit of energy that you have, you expend it by making it into desire, passion, fear, anger, and many other things. Maybe these emotions are not in your hands for now, but channeling them in one direction is in your hands. Maybe when you are angry you cannot be loving, you cannot suddenly turn your anger into love, but the anger itself can be directed. Anger is tremendous energy, isn't it? Direct it in the right way; that is all. Every ounce of energy that you have, every passion, emotion, thought, if focused in one direction, the results can be very, very quick. Things will happen. Once you know there is something higher and you want to be there, there should be no other question about it.

Now, for you, again and again, this spirituality, this enlightenment, this God-realization looks so far away. It appears to be close this moment, the next moment it appears to be light years away, so certain complacency will come. They have always told you: "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush." What is there now is better than something somewhere else. What you need to understand is: it is not somewhere else, it is all here and now. Only because you are not, it looks like that for you. God is not somewhere, he is here and now. It is you who is not. That is the only problem. It is not difficult, but definitely it's not easy. It is extremely simple. Moving from here, from wherever you are right now, to the infinite is very simple, because it is right here. Do know, ‘simple' need not necessarily be easy. It is just subtle and delicate. Unless you put your whole life energy into it, it will not open up.

With half-hearted appeals, God never comes. With half-hearted appeals, realization never happens. It has to be everything, only then it can happen in one moment. It need not take twelve years. Probably a fool takes twelve years to become intense enough; that is different. If you make yourself intense enough, it is just one moment. After that, life is just blessed. You simply live on, whichever way you want, whatever way you choose. But without creating that one moment, going on doing all kinds of nonsense, what is the use?

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