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The goal of life

January 2011
The goal of life Only people who have not experienced life, or who are not experiencing the process of life to its fullest depth, always talk about the goal. If you were very ecstatic right now, you would not be concerned about the goal of life. But because the process of life has become burdensome in so many ways, people are asking what the goal is. Is it worth going through this or not? That's the question. If you experience life in its totality, you wouldn’t think of a goal because life is a goal unto itself. Life is a phenomenon which is large enough to absorb you completely; you don't need another goal to it.

You are a piece of life. You may think of yourself as many things right now. Right now you think you are a journalist or whatever. Okay, that's a job that you do, but fundamentally, you are just a piece of life. So the goal of life is just to take this life to its ultimate possibility. To go beyond all limitations and realize the ultimate possibility of who you are, what this piece of life is about—that is a spiritual process. So ultimately, the goal of life is just this which everybody is doing whichever way they know best….

If they know money, they are thinking of a little more money. If they know power, they are thinking of a little more power. Whatever they know best, in that, people are trying to be little more than what they are right now. That means everybody is aspiring. And this aspiration, it doesn’t stop anywhere. It is an endless longing for expansion. So you are trying to expand to an unlimited condition somewhere, unconsciously. You are looking for the infinite, and that's a spiritual goal.

Either you seek this infinite consciously or unconsciously; that is the only choice you have. If you seek it unconsciously, you will start counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Can you count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and ever reach the infinite one day? Such a thing is never going to happen. It will become just an endless counting for you. So every human being on this planet is on the spiritual process, most of them unconsciously. Whatever you are doing unconsciously can also be done consciously. If you do it consciously, the possibility of attaining to it is so much higher. If you do it unconsciously, the chances are very remote. That's all the difference.

There is nobody here who is not on the spiritual path, everybody is, but unconsciously. Everybody wants expansion of their life. How much expansion? If you look at it, endless expansion is what they are looking for; that is spiritual. I am only talking about making it happen consciously.

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