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Why Creation

September 2007
Why Creation

"What is the purpose of life? Why did God put us here?" These questions keep coming up, again and again. Perhaps, you want to find God and hang him! Fundamentally, what you are asking is: why creation?

When it comes to creation, you never ask why, because you are just a tiny speck in this creation. As a human being, in terms of family, your social structures, your financial securities, education, qualifications and positions that you have taken in the society, I know you slowly started assuming that you are the center of the universe—but you are just a tiny speck in the existence! Tomorrow, if you disappear, nobody will miss you.

So, this tiny speck asking the question, ‘Why creation,' does not make sense because the question doesn't come from the right context. This question comes up because the experience of life has not become blissful. The struggles, the pain of existing, are there.

You might have created so many comforts, so much security, but still the inherent struggle and pain, the day-to-day tensions are there. You have to drag your feet and do many things, isn't it? You fill yourself with enthusiasm; you find new reasons for yourself to do this and that. But somewhere inside there is something which constantly struggles in every human being, unless he attains to certain inner grace. Some people have become aware of it; most people are yet to even become aware of it. They just keep themselves busy, never to face the inner struggle.

The reason why people are keeping themselves so busy, keeping themselves so entangled with life is not because they have fallen in love with life. It is just to avoid the inner struggle. Many of them, if they don't get married, if they don't produce children, if they don't start businesses and don't get into all the mess that they are getting into on a day-to-day basis, they would be lost within themselves.

Just to keep a certain semblance of sanity, they keep all this activity going. If they just sit quietly for two days in one place, they will become aware of the inner struggle that is there in every being trapped in this limited body. Once they become aware, they start looking. That is when we say somebody is on the spiritual path, because he has become aware of the inner struggle.

The Yoga Sutras are a tremendous document about life, but they start in a strange way. The first sutra is half a sentence. Patanjali starts the yoga sutra like this: And now: yoga. This simply means that you have seen everything in your life—either by yourself, or through somebody else's life. You saw money, you saw power, you saw pleasure, you saw wealth—everything. But still there is an inner struggle. Once you have seen this? And now: yoga.

If you have not seen it, if you still believe that, "if I get a few more bucks everything will be okay; if I build a new house everything will be okay"—if you are still in that childish state then it's not time for yoga yet.

So the question comes up because there is an inner struggle. Maybe you are not hundred percent aware of the struggle, but here and there it touches you. So now, the more intelligent question for you would be: How do I get beyond this struggling state? If you ask how, I have a way. If you ask why, then I have to tell you a story.

If you want, I can tell you a story: one day, God had nothing to do and he was playing marbles. And one marble fell this way and it became planet Earth. Another one shot up and it became the Sun?. I can go on like this. Now you won't believe this ridiculous story. But if I make the story more elaborate, and if the story were told a thousand years ago, you would believe it. You have a problem about this, isn't it? You don't believe anything that happens today, but you will believe it after a thousand years. It doesn't matter what it is.

But whether you believe it or not, stories don't liberate you. So when it comes to existence, don't waste your life asking the question, ‘why?' Because if you sit here for the rest of your life and go on thinking ‘why,' or consult every other man on this planet, all you will get is more and more fairy tales. You will not get a solution. Different cultures will tell different stories; different religions will tell different stories; every individual can create his own story. Stories will not liberate you. But if you ask ‘how,' then we open up the path, we give you the method. Don't ask why.

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev

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