• Talk Time: Making Films His Way

    Talk Time: Making Films His Way November 2017 - Meet a rising filmmaker and actor who has found the formula for success. His 'Last Lesson' recently won the Best Local Short Drama award in Atlanta.

  • TalkTime: Lending a Helping Hand

    TalkTime: Lending a Helping Hand October 2017 - Mental health issues have been in the news. Parijat Deshpande's MySahana provides culturally sensitive information for South Asians and for mental health providers who work with them.

  • TalkTime: The Oenophile

    TalkTime: The Oenophile September 2017 - PEERLESS EXPERT ON WINES: Vineyard owner Rajat Parr is a winner of three James Beard Awards, most recently in the ‘Who’s Who of Food and Drink in America’ category.

  • TalkTime: Designing Woman

    TalkTime: Designing Woman August 2017 - Interior designer Taniya Nayak has appeared on HGTV, Food Network, and ABC. She designs hot new restaurants and high-end residential projects and owns several restaurants in the Boston area.






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