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Going Green

January 2008
Going Green


As a new year gets under way, many ongoing trends and upcoming events have the potential of holding our interest. These eight possibilities, somewhat randomly and subjectively chosen, can be seen as examples of what’s worth our consideration in 2008 and also, more often than not, in the years to come.

Going Green

Green should be cool even in India, one would think, now that Rajendra Pachauri—head of the UN panel on climate change, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore—has brought wider attention to environmental concerns. That may not be the case yet, given India’s relentless economic and population growth, but concerned groups are making an effort. And some Indian manufacturers have also taken the plunge, one example being the Reva Electric Car Company, which is winning raves for what’s reportedly the world’s first commercially produced automobile that runs entirely on batteries for everyday use. Dubbed the G-Wiz in Britain, almost a thousand of these cars have taken to the streets in London. Although the car’s compact size is ideal for Indian roads, it’s not a People’s car—at least not yet—in terms of the price. Malta is the only other country it’s being exported to now, but there are aggressive plans for expansion.

So far, only modest numbers of Reva have been sold in India, mainly in Bangalore, where the company is based. This two-door hatchback runs on EV (electric vehicle) technology and one can drive up to 50 miles on a single charge. Supposedly, the 2000 shades available can be mixed and matched to suit the customer’s color preference. The car causes no pollution, since there is no exhaust or emission. If the concept catches on, and technological improvements make such Green-friendly cars more viable, it’ll not only bring down the pollution levels but also ease the congestion on Indian streets.   

Compiled/Written by Murali Kamma

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