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Quotes From the 2009 Indian Election

June 2009
Quotes From the 2009 Indian Election

“‘From Shining India to Sensible India’ is one way of looking at these results. Clearly, the voter was in no mood to opt for either the Right or the Left. It was a clear mandate for continuity, for better or worse. Religion and caste came second and third, when everyone expected both to be the biggest issues.”

-   Shobhaa De (The Times of India)

“For the first time since Independence, the Nehru-Gandhi family was seen as seeking vote for someone from outside the dynasty. The family trio, Ms. [Sonia] Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and Priyanka Gandhi, had warm, endorsing words of praise for the Prime Minister [Manmohan Singh].”

- Harish Khare (The Hindu)

“It is a vote against ideological, caste and class extremism. It is the victory of the middle vote.”

- Ramachandra Guha (BBC)

“Critics say [Sonia Gandhi] is simply paving the way for her son, Rahul, 38, who is expected to take a cabinet post in the new government. The party’s often-slavish devotion to the Gandhi-Nehru dynasty, perhaps its biggest albatross, was evident over the weekend.”

- Somini Sengupta (The New York Times)

“The rout of the communist parties, who made the Indo-U.S. civil nuclear initiative such a controversial issue, is a triumph for Dr. Singh’s political judgment.”

- C. Raja Mohan (Indian Express)

“I have won with a majority greater than any Congress candidate in Tvm [Thiruvananthapuram] in 30 years?Truly humbling. Now the real work begins.”

- Shashi Tharoor (Tweeter post)

“When I met Mr. Advani [of the BJP] recently, he confidently affirmed he would fight the election on bijli, pani, sadak [electricity, water, roads]. Somewhere along the way, Advani’s sensible agenda was hijacked. The person who probably did the hijacking was Varun Gandhi.”

- Vinod Mehta (Outlook)

“As an Indian who has made his home in the U.S., I say to Barack Obama: Don’t neglect India. Go to India, and go there soon. Or if you can’t leave town, invite Manmohan Singh to stop by. This is an investment of your time that will pay very rich—and very reliable—dividends.”

- Tunku Vardarajan (Forbes)

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