2018 GATS Tamil Competition

9/8/2018 12:30 PM

2018 GATS Tamil Competition

2018 GATS Tamil Competition

Show off your Tamil knowledge in a competition...this year's theme: "தமிழை நேசித்து அறம் செய்திட இணைவோம் "

"Registration is NOW OPEN"

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 GATS Tamil Competition.

The GATS Tamil Competition is open and free to all GATS members who are in current status.  If you are not a GATS member or you have not renewed this year, you may do so here. You need to have the family membership for your kid(s) to participate.

Please review the details below, and click the button at the bottom of the page to register. 

நாள்: Saturday, September 08, 2018 

நேரம்: 12:30pm – 5:00pm  

வயது வரம்பு: 3 to 18 

இடம்: Piney Grove Middle School, 8135 Majors Road, Cumming

தலைப்பு/Theme: தமிழை நேசித்து அறம் செய்திட இணைவோம்

Online registration closes on September 06, 2018

***Walk-Ins to compete are welcome between Noon - 1:00 PM ***

"Registration is NOW OPEN"

Fancy dress, ஒரு வார்த்தை ஒரு சொல் and Speech Competiton will be on the stage. Parents are allowed to stay and cheer for the kids. Other competitions will be held in the classroom. 

This year's competition theme:

தமிழை நேசித்து அறம் செய்திட இணைவோம்  "

Age Groups 

  1. Age 3 to 5
  2. Age 6 to 9
  3. Age 10 to 13
  4. Age 14 to 18

Competition Categories

Each participant is limited to participate only in 4 categories.

  1. திருக்குறள் மற்றும் பழமொழிகள் / Thirukkural and Proverbs -- Download here
  2. சொல்வதெழுதுதல் / Dictation -- Download here
  3. வாசித்தல் போட்டி / Reading
  4. கட்டுரைப் போட்டி / Composition
  5. ஓவியப்போட்டி   / Drawing
  6. பேச்சுப் போட்டி / Speech
  7. மாறுவேடப்போட்டி / Fancy Dress
  8. ஒரு வார்த்தை ஒரு சொல்


  • Kids cannot participate in more than 4 categories.
  • Competitions 1-5 will be held in rooms. No audiences. Only Judges and participant in the room.
  • Competitions 6-8 will be held on stage/large room where audiences are allowed

For guidelines/rules for each of the categories, please go here. 
These will also be mailed out to the contestants upon registration.

For details contact: tamilcompetition@gatamilsangam.org

"Registration is NOW OPEN"

September 8th, 2018 12:30 PM   through   5:00 PM
Piney Grove Middle School
8135 Majors Road
CummingGA 30041-7058
United States

Contact: https://members.gatamilsangam.org/civicrm/event/info?id=183&reset=1

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