Ghazal: An Exquisite Amalgamation of Poetry, Music, Language, History, and Culture.

Ghazal: An Exquisite Amalgamation of Poetry, Music, Language, History, and Culture.

Glorious Ghazals Go Global: Thanks to the Sultanate dynasties and Sufi mystics, the ghazal spread in the 12th century from Persia to India, where this rich, versatile poetic form picked up South Asian influences from the Mughal court and Urdu to become a local and—over time—a more global musical tradition. Read more »

Screen Time: Thugs, Thrones, and a Trans Queen

Streaming Gems for September: Eagerly awaited wedding planners are back, and we also have the sagas of an aging emperor and a notorious smuggler. Read more »

People: Champion of Representation

A Champion of Diverse Books: Atlantan Aisha Saeed, a YA and children’s book author, has been at the forefront in the fight for representation. Read more »

Review: Horror Film Done Right

Filmmaker Bishal Dutta delivers a well-made edgy, suspenseful film that also raises intriguing questions about how to handle horrific supernatural phenomena. Read more »

Food & Dining: Indian Ice Cream Parlor in Metro Atlanta

Relive your childhood with flavors like tutti-frutti, mitha paan, chickoo, lychee, sitaphal, cassata, and more at the two locations of Kwality Ice Cream in metro Atlanta. Read more »

Books: A Thrilling Tale Inspired by Tipu

Loot: A Novel Inspired by Tipu: A review of an enchanting tale set in 18th-century Europe and India, where big changes are underway in Tipu Sultan’s Mysore. Read more »

Commentary : Manipur: A State of Siege

Manipur: Terror and Sorrow: The Meitei-Kuki clash has deep roots, linked to land, cultural and religious identity, migration, and the drug trade. Read more »

Monsoon of Memories: Divine Sweets!

When Gods and Goddesses themselves have sanctified these rich, sugar-and- ghee-laden indulgent bites, who are we to reject them? And that’s my belief behind my lifelong infatuation with Indian mithai! Read more »

Eye On India: A Busload of Trouble!

Buying and Busing of Voters: A long and dishonorable tradition in Indian democracy can rise to absurd heights—or sink to awful depths. Read more »

Lost Childhoods?

Societies and communities are increasingly not conducive for raising children who are resilient and joyful. Read more »

Talk Time: Building Bridges with Introspection and Openness

Crystal Kadakia, a chemical engineer who became a management consultant, has written four books and given two TEDx talks besides many keynote speeches. Read more »

How the Federal Reserve Works

Why the U.S. bill is issued by the Federal Reserve and what role the Federal Reserve plays in the economy. Here’s an inside look. Read more »

Using AI in the Hospitality Industry

The prospects for the integration of the rapidly involving AI are particularly promising for the hospitality industry, where it can have a sizable impact in increasing operational capacity, reducing human error, and enhancing service. Read more »

Letters from Readers

Letters to the Editor:Khabar should give more attention to Indian artists / Thoughts on Sadhguru’s conversation with Eagleman. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

USCIS completes 2nd round H1B lottery selection/ September visa bulletin released/ Receipts process updated for Form I-129S/ Application Final Action Dates for September 2023/ Dates for Filling Visa Applications- September 2023. Read more »

Ranveer Singh is the new Don!

So it is now official! Ranveer Singh is the new Don. Read more »

Good Sports: Blue Jays Draft Arjun Nimmala

Only 17, Arjun Nimmala of Valrico, Florida, was one of the youngest players selected in the 2023 Major League Baseball draft. Read more »

Murtaza Khwaja is executive director of AAAJ–Atlanta

Murtaza Khwaja has been appointed the new executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice–Atlanta. Read more »

Briefs/ Who is Vivek Ramaswamy?/ Indian Railways: Steaming Ahead/ Book Matters.

Read our regular columns: ‘Who, What, Where, When & Why’ and ‘Book Matters’. Also: ‘Who is Vivek Ramaswamy?' and 'Indian Railways: Steaming Ahead'. Read more »

Health: Viruddha Ahara: Ayurvedic Wisdom on Incompatible Foods

A Mindful Approach to Eating: You may find some surprises in the Ayurvedic guidelines for a nutritious, balanced, and sustainable diet. Read more »

When is the best time to embark on a spiritual journey?

Time is relevant only because we have a physical body. To do anything physical, you need time because the physical is time-bound. Read more »








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