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Job Fulfillment to Life Fulfillment

Job Fulfillment to Life Fulfillment

From opening a coffee-and-wine bar to taking a sabbatical for self discovery, Indian-Americans— emboldened by new ways of working that emerged during the pandemic—are redefining work, realigning values, and pursuing their lifelong dreams. Read more »

Screen Time: The Pleasure and Pain of Family Life

This month’s recommendations are all about family drama. Read more »

Tribute: Not Ragu Kodak

A marketing genius, an advertising buff, a community advocate, and a family man, Raju Kotak left a big gap in Atlanta’s Indian community. Read more »

MyTurn: In Her Shadow

Building a life is not easy. Rebuilding is even more so, especially at an older age with tumultuous histories and baggage. Read more »

Flash Fiction: The Silent Bride Is Always Watching

Only the would-be brides show any interest in this mysterious creature. What is she thinking? Read more »

Food & Dining: The Year of Indian Cuisine!

Indian chefs and restaurants win big at the 2022 James Beard Awards and other prestigious forums. Read more »

Musings: Death, Divinity, and Eternal Love

A love so strong that it does not succumb to death. Read more »

Youth: Return  to Roots

Following a pandemic-scarred gap of three years—which can seem more like a decade to a teenager—the author was reluctant to revisit India with her family this summer. But she had no choice. Read more »

Issues: The Other Pandemic Afflicting Indian Community

Teenage depression and suicide are on the rise. A movie shot in Georgia, with a local cast and crew, takes this grave issue head-on. Read more »

An Immigrant Community on the Rise

What I learned from three decades of chronicling the Indian-American community, particularly that of Atlanta. Read more »

The Beverage Entrepreneur

Maxine Henderson trained as an electrical engineer, but her true passion is engineering Bollywood-inspired drinks. Read more »

Major Risks to Family Wealth

Protect your family assets for future generations. Read more »

Growing with Strategic Networks and Partnerships

One of my favorite business axioms is harsh but powerful: “If you are not growing, you are dying.” Read more »

Letters from Readers

Letters to the Editor: Editorial on The Kashmir Files was wrong and misguided/ Heartwarming article on an important issue/ India has welcomed people of different faiths/ Philanthropy can take many forms/ Kudos for taking on challenging topics/ Appreciate Didi’s words of wisdom. Read more »

Immigration News Briefs

Website updates for noncitizen public benefits/ Implementing phase two of premium processing/ Eligibility for employment-based adjustments/ Application Final Action Dates for August 2022/ Dates for Filling Visa Applicatins - August 2022. Read more »

Ranbir and Alia’s baby coming soon!

Alia Bhatt shared the news of her pregnancy on social media taking everyone by surprise. Read more »

Good Sports: Sania Mirza Bids Farewell to Wimbledon

Sania Mirza, India’s best female tennis player, is retiring this year from professional tennis. Read more »

Asanshay Gupta wins Congressional App Challenge

Asanshay Gupta has designed an app called Oxygen Planner, which helps hospitals and other health care facilities better manage their supply of oxygen. Read more »

Briefs/ Ganesh Devy: Champion of India's Linguistic Heritage/ How did Indian-American CEOs Stack up in 2021?/ Book Matters.

Read our regular columns: ‘Who, What, Where, When & Why’ and ‘Book Matters’. Also: ‘Ganesh Devy: Champion of India's Linguistic Heritage' and 'How did Indian-American CEOs Stack up in 2021?'. Read more »

Health: Fad Diets Aren’t the Solution— What’s Better?

Why Keto, Paleo, and other fad diets are not magic pills. Read more »

Soil Is Our Real Gift to the Next Generation

The very word “human” is linked to the word “humus” or soil. Without humus, human life is unsustainable. Read more »






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