• Master of the Magic Wand

    Master of the Magic Wand January 2023 - Acclaimed music conductor Sameer Patel, who remains in high demand, has been chosen for engagements with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Princeton Symphony, the Florida Orchestra, and the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus, among other orchestras.

  • A Moving Dynamo

    A Moving Dynamo November 2022 - Deepika Chalke, the Atlanta-based runner, who is as tenacious as she’s tough, shares her stories of struggle and grit—and offers a roadmap for success.

  • Mapping the World with Words

    Mapping the World with Words September 2022 - Kiran Bhat talks about his life and work, which includes an innovative online literary project called Girar.

  • The Beverage Entrepreneur

    The Beverage Entrepreneur June 2022 - Maxine Henderson trained as an electrical engineer, but her true passion is engineering Bollywood-inspired drinks.

  • Preventing Anti-Asian Prejudice

    Preventing Anti-Asian Prejudice April 2022 - Manjusha Kulkarni, who cofounded Stop AAPI Hate two years ago, was included in Time magazine’s 2021 list of 100 Most Influential People.

  • Winner Gives It All

    Winner Gives It All December 2021 - Shree Saini is the first Indian-American to be crowned Miss World America.

  • Professor of Prose and Poetry

    Professor of Prose and Poetry November 2021 - An interview with Aruni Kashyap, assistant professor of English at the University of Georgia, Athens, is a gifted writer and translator of India’s regional literature.

  • No Ordinary Reporter

    No Ordinary Reporter October 2021 - Freelance journalist Sonam Vashi, an Atlanta native, is passionate about justice and making a difference in the lives of ordinary people who face extraordinary challenges.

  • Master of the Game

    Master of the Game September 2021 - Meet The Grandest Master of Chess: Twelve-year-old Abhimanyu Mishra from New Jersey broke a 19- year record to become the world’s youngest Grand Master.

  • Savior of the Insolvent

    Savior of the Insolvent June 2021 - Rohan Pavuluri of Upsolve: An innovator who is on Time magazine’s list has made bankruptcy filing easier for low-income families.







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