• Savior of the Insolvent

    Savior of the Insolvent June 2021 - Rohan Pavuluri of Upsolve: An innovator who is on Time magazine’s list has made bankruptcy filing easier for low-income families.

  • Celebrating Asian Writing in English

    Celebrating Asian Writing in English April 2021 - Kitaab Celebrates Asian Writing: An interview with Kitaab’s Singapore-based publisher, who promotes Asian writing in English.

  • Doctor of Resilience

    Doctor of Resilience March 2021 - Dr. Sofia Khan Iqbal, an Atlanta native, is Chief of Emergency Medicine Emory Decatur and Hillandale Hospital. Nothing in all her years of medical training and practice had prepared her for the horrors of the coronavirus pandemic. While the ongoing vaccination assures an eventual return to some version of normalcy, she remains vigilant and approaches the daily task of caring for patients with grit and gratitude. She shares her experiences, and shows how we can all make a difference.

  • Desi Author and Advocate

    Desi Author and Advocate February 2021 - Jenny Bhatt, an engineer by training and a writer by choice, is the dynamic host of the Desi Books podcast which invites authors to read from their work and facilitates a discussion on the art and craft of writing. Bhatt, whose debut story collection is titled Each of Us Killers, is a translator and reviewer as well.

  • Orphanage to Ontario: A Chef’s Journey

    Orphanage to Ontario: A Chef’s Journey January 2021 - Chef Sash Simpson remembers sifting through garbage bins behind restaurants for sustenance in India. Rescued by an orphanage in Coimbatore, and eventually adopted by the Canadian founder of Families for Children, Simpson worked his way up the food chain to become the executive chef at a legendary high-end restaurant in Toronto. Sash, the restaurant Simpson opened in early 2020, got rave reviews. Even as he waits for the pandemic to end, he continues to work on his business and philanthropic goals.

  • Merging Sales with Soul

    Merging Sales with Soul December 2020 - After taking over as the CEO of Newell Brands, a Fortune 500 company that manufactures iconic brands like Calphalon, Contigo, Graco, Sharpie, and Yankee Candle, Ravi Saligram steers the mammoth corporation with the steady hand of a seasoned businessman and the heart of a loving father.

  • Seeking Facts and Speaking Truth

    Seeking Facts and Speaking Truth November 2020 - Sudeep Reddy, who spent a decade at The Wall Street Journal as a reporter and economics editor, joined Politico in 2017. Now a managing editor at this political news outlet in Washington, D.C., his mission is to present carefully curated, fact-based stories that are compelling. Reddy is a graduate of Brown with a degree in biomedical ethics and American history.

  • A Voice for Indian-Americans

    A Voice for Indian-Americans August 2020 - Sunil Adam, who was the editor-in-chief of India Abroad until it stopped production, is the founding editor of American Kahani. He launched this online portal to showcase uncensored Indian-American voices.

  • Racing for Equality

    Racing for Equality July 2020 - Anirvan Chatterjee, founder of BookFinder.com and director of Data Strategy at UC-San Francisco’s Clinical & Translational Science Institute, calls for stronger ties between South Asian Americans and African Americans. He notes how they have worked together in past and can do so again.

  • Quarantine Quartet

    Quarantine Quartet June 2020 - Violinist Sheela Iyengar, member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO), talks about the trials and triumphs of her musicianship, micro concerts with her fellow housebound instrumentalists, not being a Tiger Mom, and how you can learn to play an instrument from your couch.







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